The Glossy Moon

Written by: Ronald A. Williams

The Moon, our moon, the glossy Moon.
Who did put that snowman face, on you.
It must have been God, with a smile.
Yes, He knew how, He would form you.
Perfect in size and ability to reflect light. 
Without our heavenly partner; might not there be Life.

You help to stabilize Earth’s orbit and tilt.
You give us our four seasons continuously. 
Yes, just being you, hefty and weighty.
You effectuate the seas ebb and flow.
Lovers delight and glow in your Moonlight.	
Reflect on us, glossy, glossy Moon tonight.

Embrace, our lovely love this very night.
Enhance, us with your glowing light. 
Passion being projected amongst the stars 
Hearts on one another's thoughts. 
Couples clasping each other’s heart.   
 View our glossy, glossy Moon in the Moonlight.