9 11

Written by: Lionel Derbyshire

9 11
Of a very sad day of bereavement for the working class ..
when a father right at the top tumbled down for camera sensation and applauded by thick skulls around me in the office who went nuts.
a day where true hero's tried to save another against the strike at the hand of a satanic ideology juxtaposed as ego.
where were you ? 
what is your throphy to this witness ?
where innocent working people were cowardly sabotaged and trapped in the name of what .. radical justification ?
the thick skulls sipped on beer afterwards.

I prayed with hope and silent heartfelt tears for real women and men so cowardly trapped & picked off.
And still on this day of 9 11 the ignorant still stunk of it to be a great martyr day.

But for real human brotherhood it was an embrace of value from one to another against a enemy of cowardice who kill and then hide.

God bless ..
Those father's 
The mother's 
Their son's and daughters 
Of those loved one's who their lives.
Loved one's .. 
now marked and ringed with the golden bracelet in heaven where they are the real martyrs.

Where were you at 9 11 ?
What a silly waste of time question.
What a meaningless collapse.