September Bridge, A Letter To January

Written by: curtis johnson

Dear Jan.                                                                                         

Although at times you have given me more chills than I can stand,                                                                        over the years we have continued to maintain our friendship since     childhood. As you may recall, we have three friends with whom we grew up.                                                                                 There is something I want to say to them that I wanted you to know.

From me, there is no disregard nor disrespect for April, June, and August.                                                                                 But I love the feel and sound of a different name flowing through my lips.
I am rather partial to September, not just because it is my birth month,                                                                                      nor even because of those beautiful three syllables in Sep tem ber.
It's not just the orange colored autumn leaves falling from trees,                                                                                      nor even the happy hand waves and blow kisses of goodbye to the                                                                
torturous slow retreating summer heat that sometimes overstays its welcome.                                                                     

Everyone needs a well-deserved break and a bridge, not just over troubled 
waters, but we also need something of a reprieve for all those sometimes troubled seasons. I dare to think, that is what God had in mind when he   
made The September Bridge.

Your Friend,