I'm So Lazy and Sometimes Crazy

Written by: Lu Loo

I have always been so hopelessly lazy.
            Stoic and aloof, sometimes psychotic. 
I can be gentle yet independently crazy,
     and my mommy says I can be neurotic,
but the affection in my family does amaze me. 

       I’m nothing but a lethargic slow pug.
Mugsy is my name with a curly tail.
   I can be so stubborn and very smug, 
and my sister Ella Rose is my pal. 
         When I was a pup I’d chew the rug!

       My family treats me like their kid,
a child born into a life I love so much.
  I get timeouts not knowing what I did, 
but I’ll tell ya, after I love that "guilty" touch. 
       But really? Sent to my bed…God forbid!

I swear mommy knows I love human food,
           I get scraps from the table every night.
Even when I’m in a poopy puppy mood, 
       they never get mad or start a fight. 
Like Ella, I can be sassy and so rude!

          My tongue always sticking out getting dry.
I can't explain why it never fit in my mouth?
   But my mommy can tell you just why, 
'cuz I was so comfy being me in my house. 
        I was always so loved and didn't even try!

I feel like my family is heaven sent. 
      I go for walks with my neighbor friends
every day on that grey floor called cement.
         I did pray that my happiness never ends, 
but I got old, age thirteen, my body spent. 

March 13, 2018 across the Rainbow Bridge I ran,
         it was so crazy because on earth I was so lazy.
My fur no longer grey but naturally black and tan, 
and yes, up here everything does amaze me!
                      (Barking loud and walking proud) 
            I know I’ll always be the “Sweet Boy” in my fam.

Personification Poem of a Pet, Wild Animal or Insect Poetry Contest
Tania Kitchin
August 31, 2018