Car Number Sixteen

Written by: Christine Phillips

This train is coming down the main
This train is rocking my brain
This train is the overcrowded train
This train is washing in the rain
This train is the messy train
This train is filled with pain 
This train is labeled with all blame
This train is whispering my name
This train has many places to go
This train is putting on a show
This train is filled with pride
This train is taking me for a ride
I cannot get over the sticky sensation 
That is still running in my vein
Pumping blood through my heart
And persuading me to run again
This train made me feel so ashamed
This train has borne all the blame
This train is hard to be contained
This train has taken me back in time
This train has caused me to lose my mind
This train has treated me so unkind
Standing passengers, seated passengers 
Miserable passengers, angry passengers
Screaming passengers, shouting passenger
Happy passengers, loyal passengers going for the same ride
We were jam-packed into car numbers sixteen
And there was nothing in-between
All the filthy ruins has been exposed
And everyone knows each other woes
We were all experiencing the same things
We know where everyone has been so nothing was surprising
We  looked as if we were going to the auction block
With a price to pay if the slow moving train delays
Children spread out on the floor 
Sucking and pulling their mother’s nipples
Milk spewing from their mother’s breast 
while the babies take a deep breath
Little naked boys running around exposing their little "filly tilly" in aisles
And that staunch images couldn’t leave my mind it bothers me all the time
Two little boys both of them brothers hugging and beating up one another 
They held each other down on the train seat rubbing and kissing each other, 
While their mother and father stood by laughing at themselves
As their children imitate them 
Children are mirror so be careful what you do infront of them
We were all squeezed and packed up in the corner looking like hungry beggars
This train has picked up a number of passengers 
Dirty passengers, clean passengers, mix up passengers, corrupted passengers 
Bad mouth passengers, hypocritical passengers, fat belly passengers 
Curious passengers, good passengers, faithful passengers
And passengers who  just wanted a free ride
I knew that this would be long 
and it was all part of the plan to take the slow ride
So that I could have enough time to think and figure out a good plan
I bought the ticket at window number sixteen
And ended up in car number sixteen
What a coincident everything seems to fall supernaturally in  place
Was it the work of the creator or was it the new world order?
The woman who sold tickets at the window was not so nice
She woke up on the cultural side with a tired and angry face
She spoke in a very loud voice at everybody 
I trembled before she got to me
She reminded me of the immigration officers at the airport 
She knew exactly what she was about
So I waited patiently until she got to me
She was more polite when she explained everything to me
I braced myself for a long historical haul but it was not so bad after all 
I boarded car number sixteen and found myself
Stacked among smoking unprincipled men
They leaned up in the corner looking with longing eyes 
for opportunities to take advantage of a foolish girl
They looked at me as they wanted to touch me
I could hardly figure out their strange grin
Grown men from the countryside dressed in weird style
And filth daubed all over the train toilet floor just behind me with 
It shocked me to my very core, I couldn’t have asked for more
This train is loaded with passengers
This train is loaded with consumers
This train is loaded with peddlers 
This train is full to the brim
No one else can come in
This train is bound for the East 
This train is bound for the west
This train is bound for the north
This train is bound for the south
This train is my train
This train is your train
This train is the musical train
This train is the forgiving train
This train is everybody’s train
This train is the peoples train
This train is the victory train
This train is the liberty train
Hop on this train don’t stand out in the rain
You have a lot to gain
This train is the winning train