King Doberman

Written by: Tania Kitchin

I am king Doberman of my home
I stand guard when I am all alone
I love my master, he’s the man
But I am top dog, king of my land
He feeds me kibble and takes me out
He says do my business, often shouts

I don’t know why he leaves every day
but I get a bone when he’s been away
I sometimes chew his shoes and ties
They smell like him, I can fantasize
I hear my master, he’s at the door
I better look innocent and lay on the floor

At last he’s home again to stay
I've had a very long, boring day
I run and jump and let out a squall
As I stop and stare at my huge yellow ball
I whine and pace, until I get my way
I know my master will give in and play

8/4/18 for Doberman Pinscher contest sponsored by Edward Ibeh
Based on link:Link A: