Americas Round Table

Written by: Lovie Divine

América's Roundtable,  
Kings and Knights of a fable,
Broadening the smorgasbord of a playing field,  

Swelling midriffs peak, 
they drool as they speak, 
for the empires for themselves that they build.

The fine lady now fattened,
America's breast now flattened,
and they ravished her while singing her song,

Without being heard, 
they even caged her bird.
Blinding her children to whats right and wrong.

A now fallen hope, 
A dying Pope,
The unrighteousness ones had their turn,

New hope to the fable,
bringing truth to the table,
revealing secrets they wish to burn.

Now raise a prayer without pride,
with her flag they wish to hide,
God bless her, they wish to say no more.

God save the poor dame,
America her name,
Father, please help her from her fallen floor.