Take A Moment, Or Two

Written by: curtis johnson

If I could fly like eagles, like them, I too would soar to the heights. Not a nest, but I would build a hut, construct a house, or pitch a tent. No, I cannot fly like an eagle, but I can walk like a man. Unlike an eagle, I ride, run, walk, or fly in a plane. When so doing, I have a fixed mentality about going some place.                                                                               

On the other hand, I also walk with no intention of going anywhere. I'm in tune with quietness and taking in the sacred moments. I hear sounds but they are outside the sphere of my focus. The more I walk, the clearer the inflows of the whispers of God. To my great delight, neither the phone nor the doorbell rings. I am deaf to 'honey calls for honey do's' and no one calls my name.                                                                                    

I hear chirps from the birds and return greetings and smiles to strangers                                                                     because usually where I walk, few people see me and no one knows my name.
Yes, I'm walking for my health but otherwise purposeless, and taking in the moment. Yes, by God-ordained functions, time is passing and I'm moving in space, but by my will and personal choice, I'm inhaling 'the now' and going nowhere. Perhaps there were times you found a spot on this planet, a private place, and you wanted to say, "Don't bother me, I'm.....".  But you didn't say it and were robbed of 'your moment'. I have premeditated and determined that certain moments are mine, and people, space, and time have no hold on me.  Yes, for those 15 to 30 minutes, I am very aware of my surroundings, and yes, I am in tune with the time and how many times I will circle the chosen walking space.  But no, when I walk, I am literally living one step at a time and mentally disciplined to lay hold of those precious 'step by step moments'.

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