Written by: Seth Shirey

problems are many
but with the pen my problems are semi
living life one page at a time
trying to stay in a straight line
consider me after you know my problems
with God I’m stronger, and my mind softens
he makes me not a monster
helping me to be somewhat smarter
was south bound straight to a dark place
was going north erasing my mind staying in space
counting the pain in chronological order
defining my bipolar disorder
flip a switch and I see red 
unrational fears in my head
pouring my soul to a higher power
time after time my prayers got louder
sometimes crying in mental pain
but my reasons are not in vain
never really showing emotion
because inside I know something is broken
but not all is lost
man if it was not for god my life would be tossed
realization is the key to empowerment 
and empowerment is the key to betterment
until I’m gone and over
I remain a soldier