Human Being With A Soul

Written by: Christine Phillips

We are human being with a soul
We were taken from the North and South Pole
And left in a basket at the flagpole
If all the relics in history were unfold
You would discover that the real threshold
Is bound up in threefold
And you would never grow old
Yesterday morning I stood at the kitchen counter
And these words were swirling in my head so I
Jot down the statement with a pen
I was not in the mood for writing
So I went out do and some shopping
I bought a mosquito spray
And spray the entire house without delay
To my surprise a swarm of mosquitoes
Coverage in the bedroom and they were
hiding behind the bed board
I have never seen so many mosquitoes of this type in door
I wondered where they came from
Could it be from the air conditioner or from the big water pipe
I didn’t stop to think, I sprayed them and they fell one by one
The study was infested too,
They gather behind the drapes and under the table
They were flying everywhere when the spray hit them in the air
No wonder I couldn’t sleep until their hideouts were revealed
Our lives have been stolen since we were one day old
We were given to strange mothers and fathers
Who raised us their our sons and daughters
I bet our DNA doesn’t match some embryos were hatched
When they found a faithful match and a worthy partner
They were called our mothers and fathers
Some of us were adopted but many were abducted
Our eggs were fertilized elsewhere
And we were brought up in a daycare
We were taught the Lord’s Prayer
And how to use a hand held shower
We were given knives and forks
Chopsticks and a noodle bowls
Many of us have died in the womb
While some suffocated painfully in the bedroom
We have been driven from our homes
And left to rot to bones
Heartless immoral leaders destroy
Their people and their land
With destructive weapons
causing pain and suffering on the land
They ruled their nation with an iron fist 
While sipping from the blood stained dish
Their guts are stuffed with big ducks
And their house is like a garage truck
Garbage spilling all over
And dreadful smells are attracting scavengers
They are yearning for useless power to defy the superpowers
Our dreams have been taken away
And every day we are standing in long lines
Waiting patiently for the appointed time
Perspiration is seeping through our dirty clogged up pores
And the border patrol is shoving us from door to door
Big men with strong arms held my hand
And pushed me aggressively on the other side
Our breaths are stinking and we hardly have water to drink
We have been waiting here for weeks and fly is swarming the place
The stench of feces and urine are everywhere and I am feeling despair
I remember the days when life was good in my hometown
Mama and papa would get up early in the morning
And go to the market to buy onion, garlic, meat,
 beans, lentils, cabbage, cauliflower and dairy products
Mama used to make fried balls, mashed chickpeas,
And a special bread served with pickled sauce
I liked the cut vegetable with hot sauce
My brothers and sisters used to roam about in our big backyard
And our friends and families used to come over to have dinner
My house had several bed rooms and nice furniture 
And I had everything in my own room
I used to play games when I come home from school
But look at me now; I have no shoes on my feet,
And I am roaming the streets
We stand in long queues across borders
Pushing and shoving, spitting and coughing
Screaming and shouting and creating much disorder
Serious men marched us along with baton and guns in their hands
Throwing free food at us and treating us like animals
Our bodies are smelly our cloths are dirty
and we don’t have any money
Many of us have been sent back and pepper sprayed
And many are still walking around in dismay
We are human being with a soul and it’s time to rock and roll
We have to enjoy our lives before we grow old
Who knows what the order of the world is
It has been a secret of old and only a few knows what will unfold
When will the viscous circle ends
so that people we can live  their lives again
I longed for a place that I can call home
And to have a genuine friend to call my own
And share that natural desire before I grow old
We are human being with a soul
So please put me back on the pay roll
I want to reach out and touch your soul
Sometimes I shed some tears whenever I am missing you
I can feel you every day and
and I am waiting for that special moment
But there is something that you have to do 
so that our dream can come through
I want to be closer to you
So open the door and let me come through
This will pave the way for you and me
We have put up the resistance
We have brought down the viscous movement
That’s an excellent improvement
We are human being with a soul and we must
Enjoy our lives before we grow old.
The younger generation is feeding from our soul.