Written by: Anderson Walkingshoes

Strictly assigned to confine, 
The world need my eyes to surely comply,
I'm battling the gestures of 'don't try',
Mouths wage confusions from deep reply, 
You're sensing it in conceated line, 
Fame and dollar would get your dapper fine,
Do'nt assume! 
Mum won't get you back to presume, 
The niggas are competing with double cheques from room, 
Digital conformity next to push reign into doom, 
Crazy for left over,...charlie,
Take me to the salon, 
 Shave my face to look like 17th century snoop, 
Ambitious to win the heart of humanity in part two, 
Seal the spoken word from heavenly route, 
Negros talks about real nipper sailing to the top, 
In fact,who is piling my motives into shock, 
Newton is licking his fingers on golden rock, 
The game did drown with hustlers,
I was their chief among paupers, 
Yet,society don't believe were we sat behind counters, 
Life in me shows  the conspiracy of laughters, 
Immigrants toes removed to add more members, 
Edified,...rectified...mobilised on assessed numbers,
Catch my little bird to tell you much of my  profound chambers, 
We've made it to the onion thrown of lovers, 
Give me real prunks to elliminate total view of dream killers, 
The world seek for my hope in priceful hampers.