A Vernal Journal

Written by: Nina Parmenter

Gone is the cold and despair,
but now, the world better beware -
spring’s broken free! And I swear
it’s quite the rambunctious affair!

Blossoming trees flaunt their fare,
cherry competing with pear,
outspoken daffodils share
their secrets, and bluebells show flair
to a bee, who, entranced in midair,
starts dancing his pleasure. Elsewhere,
the celandine fight to ensnare
the eye. Deer cavort with the hare,
the hedgehog bursts out of her lair
like a hundred new pins. Over there,
fresh frogspawn is strewn, laissez-faire,
and a wren gives the silence a scare!

The sun brings new verve to the air;
we humans squint into the glare,
suddenly wakened, aware
of light and of living, we dare
to dream what the future may bear -
as promise unfurls everywhere.

9 March 2018
For Michael Vacek’s contest “Spring Fling Zing Thing King”