I Was At A Business Office The Other Day

Written by: Marc Acrich

I Was At A Business Office The Other day     #206

I was at a business office the other day 
And I could swear there was a person 
A few feet from me
This went on for a long time 
I guess should of looked up

When I thought about it 
I said to myself,
It must of been someone 
That I once knew 
Following my every move
spookie do

Well, I said to myself, 
I hope they were entertained
And I'm sure if he or she was real 
I will see them again

They are called apparitions and
I about them, I know little
I had to get my mind in check 
To see if I have a few screws missing
Since I felt something on my feet 
I think they were aching

Look what is that over there
Why its ghosts
That are kissing
Up a storm

Don't you just love my imagination
I have the ability to ponder into otherworldly realms
Other people would be scared

It's one of my other worldly possessions
I should make it my profession
See you bunch of ghost 
I will see you on the other side  
But you can wait a while 
Since I have no intention of leaving
So you can wait  and haunt 
Some other people if you care

By Marc Acrich