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Sick Political Verse Poems

These Sick Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Sick. These are the best examples of Political Verse Sick poems written by international poets.

Premium Member School Wastes My Time
School wastes my time
I want to be President
I want power and prestige.

I want to be able to be mean to the handicapped
I want to be...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Mowed Down Field Day With Redacted Mueller Report
Attorney General William
Barr black marker in hand
kept promise to censor vital
details of Mueller Report
swift as Usain Bolt candidly,
grandly, lustrously, roundly

youthfully blocked out more
rapid than an...

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Categories: anger, animal, freedom, humorous,

Premium Member Tolerating LeftBrain Dominance
A healthy distance for tolerating LeftBrain dominance
is to recognize our global incarnation
into RightWing intolerant prominence
as dogma of a strictly white hetero-male privileged unkind.

A distance between...

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Categories: anti bullying, appreciation, health,

Plant the seeds you wish to reap.
I have planted my seed in the soil of my people.
I have no home, no earthly land,
I have no...

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Categories: america, analogy, confusion, hate,

Premium Member ReLearning Manifest Destiny
What did you learn to play
in school today?
Hedging future winning bets
against lost devolving yesterday

I learned religious history
of manifest colonizing destiny,
Responsibility to over-rule healthy integrity,
Authority to...

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Categories: change, conflict, destiny, earth,

Premium Member Rudyard Remix
If you can keep your health when all about
Are losing theirs as ours
and blaming separately sick on you,

If you can trust ourselves when all species...

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Categories: freedom, health, humanity, humor,

Premium Member Fake News v Gospel Truths
Good news
grows healthy outward actions
from inward integrity attractions.

Pathological propaganda,
fake news,
grows conspiracies
and black magic outside my door,
From unconscious accidents of ignorant mistrust
and deliberately mendacious distrust.

Good news...

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Categories: caregiving, culture, earth, green,

Question Everything You Hear and See

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Categories: america, death, evil, health,

Premium Member Spelling doomsday back to front
My pen is on fire today 
as I see one word leader 
in particular openly condemn peace 
through his vile vulgar mouth
aggression in words spitting...

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Categories: abortion, anti bullying, betrayal,

Go Forth
Go forth, you man of a hellish breed.
Go forth, you man of yellow hair and skin of orange hue.
Go forth, with your wickedness a brew.


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Categories: political,

Premium Member Original Freedoms of Intent
Do you see yourself as more Republican
or leaning more Democrat?

Oh my,
I'm a card-carrying Republican.
Came from a long patriarchal line
of red-blooded Republicans.

What makes you a Republican?

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Categories: earth, freedom, games, garden,

Premium Member HealthCare DisInvestment
What did you talk about
in your Anger Management Class today,
dear Yang?

Crisis survival skills.

As opposed to opportunity optimization skills, 
I would guess?

I suppose so.
Like when someone...

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Categories: caregiving, conflict, health, humanity,

Trumpiad I - work in progress
« Fools are my theme and satire is my song. »

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Categories: humorous, political, satire,

Premium Member Prescribing ReBirth to DT2
DT2 came to me, unwillingly and clandestinely,
only because he was referred by his mother,
who was concerned that he was growing up and out
to become an...

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Categories: birth, body, culture, health,

YMCA Black Achiever
If you know your history you know that the black achiever is one, 

Step down from the NAACP for youth student in high school,

My mom...

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Categories: art, love,

Doctor Office
I stay sick because I am premature  but one thing I notice about going to, 
Doctor is when it is the 30 minute wait...

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Categories: art, love,

Premium Member Light and Dark Markets
The primary political and economic metaphor for human life on Earth,
at least here in these disuniting States,
is "market,"
with a consumer and a producer face;
robust, healthy,...

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Categories: earth, health, light, nature,