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Self Political Verse Poems

These Self Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Self. These are the best examples of Political Verse Self poems written by international poets.

Premium Member For Greener Salvation
Merely personal green salvation
is necessarily incomplete,
All by myself,
sure to face sinful defeat.

Yet universal climate redemption
cannot become sufficiently replete,
to help my heart feel
less ignorantly stuck on...

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Categories: green, happiness, health, mental

Premium Member Revolutionary Para-Dimes
A difference between compassion and sympathy,

between co-empathic passion
and unilateral YangPatriarchal-empathic, 
ego-empowering intent,

Compassion matures passion FOR
into shared passion WITH.

This same emergent fluidity
cannot be said of sympathy

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Categories: age, creation, earth, health,

Premium Member Ancient Winter Writers
Approaching winter...

OK, maybe encroaching mid-winter
of life's seasonal span
with resonantly compelling grace,
perhaps even transparent vulnerability,
feels controversial, 
too laissez-faire

Too much courage
in declaring preliminary success
with too little curiosity

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Categories: age, earth, environment, health,

Premium Member Juggling Bouncy Paradigms
Martha Rogers
brought dynamic nursing relationships
of co-acclimating healthy minds
and Earth's well-being subclimates,

While Carl Rogers
brought empowering therapeutic relationships
of cooperative needs
for nature/nurture
organic bilateral interdependence.

As Gregory Bateson
brought holonic systems...

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Categories: art, earth, environment, health,

Premium Member And Everyone In Between
In theology,
and ecological healthy
and pathological relationships,
I know self-righteous fundamentalists
and nonviolent nondualists,
and most everyone else
processing together

how such an abstraction
between fundamental uniformity
of sacred energy
and nondual co-arising unity

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Categories: culture, earth, environment, health,

Premium Member Fame Not Required
My great challenge for fruitful wisdom paths
is credentialed expertise.

My obstacle to polypathic health
is self-aggrandizing comfort,
cheap ease,

Obstacles to resilient compassion
have more to do with impatient "kindness"...

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Categories: earth, health, love, peace,

Premium Member FullFlushed Trump Cards
He begins
commenting on Chuang-tse
who was commenting on Laotse's
"Exalt not the wise
So that the people shall not scheme [win v lose]
and contend [in partisan debate];"

Wait, am...

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Categories: anti bullying, earth, health,

Premium Member A NonViolent Glory Prayer
Share with me
this day,
this night,
what will feed my neighbors
as my hungry self.

Forgive me
my theocratic excesses
as I forgive my ancestors
for arguing anthro-hubrisisms.

Lead me
into Earth's compassion.

Deliver me

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Categories: earth, health, integrity, power,

Premium Member Be aware of the vultures
The lying sewer rats have revealed themselves once again
a tale has surfaced without credit but begs to be king
this plague and disease has taken away...

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Categories: abortion, abuse, conflict, deep,

Trump and his New Role

Donald Trump is taking on a new role
and speculation is been a lifelong goal.
In fact, no one will be surprised
when he brags he alone is...

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Categories: dark, humor,

Premium Member Convenient Cash
How convenient
when win/lose competitive
self-empowering political beliefs
of straight white male
monocultural dominance

Just happens to coincide
with justified economic enslavement
with sacred self-righteousness,
blind to systematic racist history
of capital extraction economics

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Categories: africa, america, education, health,

Premium Member The Math Teacher
There once was a math teacher
well-versed in singing
"We have many ways to learn."

and ears,
and feelings,
and smells
each looking for redundant
polypathic messages
from polyphonic Others.

The math teacher
was conservative

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Categories: culture, earth, feelings, health,

Premium Member America The Broken
“O beautiful for spacious skies”
yet marred by all it’s leaders lies.
See it’s “amber waves of grain”
beneath them hidden is a stain

I pause  “For purple...

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Categories: abuse, america, angst, beautiful,

Premium Member Vermin
Whoever said
Landlords have all the power
Knows that of which I speak:

Reading land leases.
Not a normal pastime,
but perhaps because
I have not read even one
written in compassion's...

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Categories: culture, humor, language, mental

Jihad Donald Trump Style
The glory of America, 
now heats up
with agitation poised 
to strike on the brink
sans legislation incites humiliation,
which goads desecration
as fete accompli chink
in armor of...

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Categories: 12th grade, anger, freedom,