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Poets Political Verse Poems

These Poets Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Poets. These are the best examples of Political Verse Poets poems written by international poets.

A child stands
The Tears of Gaia

Wash down over a silent place,
Washing clean our plastic, 
Our Empty cans, our debris,
Tears flowing gently over, 
Humanity’s darkest fruits,

A child stands...

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Categories: environment, green, native american,

The Fear Frenzy Makers

While we sit with our coffee and poetry,
The Fear Frenzy Makers burn the midnight oil.
Digging up lies, just anything man!
To stuff up your brain like...

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Categories: abortion, america, anger, perspective,

Fighting Back After Ars Poetica
Poetry is supposed to shake your soul until you beg it to stop;
It has to give you nightmares and make you scared to fall asleep;

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Categories: change, poetry, poets, political,

Itz truth,
and it's in the dark,
but with the spark we can wall off like a plaster of farce,
any indecent start,
with incandescent sprall to remark,
as if...

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Categories: old, passion, planet, poets,

Premium Member Moving Toward 2020 Vision
I realize it's been over a year now
But, sorry dear,
I just can't seem to move past our loss,
nearly half our extended national family
in one cataclysmic...

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Categories: america, christian, earth, faith,

Kindred Kind
Rick Folker

We need prophets and poets
Poor people, lost people
Raising their voices
In Rage

We need Feminists
Fearless Gays, Forces of Freedom
Ready to

We need Blacks
We need Browns
Burning with...

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Categories: motivation, political,

Premium Member Summer ReForesting School
what did you most appreciate
learning at school this summer?

Probably in Community ReForesting.
You know, the EcoTherapy Class
I took
instead of eating lunch,
using "lunch" loosely
as synonymous with edible,

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Categories: culture, education, health, history,

Premium Member Independence Daze
Among PermaCulture Designers,
planners and cooperative schemers,
choreographers and mappers,
therapeutic lyricists and historical poets,
and probably comedians,
there is a saying,
a principle of experiential truth:
For every healthy function
we discover...

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Categories: culture, earth, health, history,

Speak only through a flower
Speak only through a flower,
Let not the petals of verse blow into their gardens,
Let our defiance show their fear and hatred what it truly means...

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Categories: creation, fear, hope, inspiration,

Premium Member Tragic Climates for Comedians
If we invested more educational mentoring time
sharing our own mixed-use and neglectful abuse
poetic wisdom stories,
and less time memorizing exegetical LeftBrain histories,
we might more cooperatively learn...

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Categories: culture, earth day, education,

Premium Member Prodigal Poets
"And when he came to himself"
Luke 15:17

In another millennial time and Chinese/Russian place,
Taoism began as aphorisms and poetry
about political philosophy,
articulating a bicameral tension
between Conservative Yangers,

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Categories: health, history, humanity, humor,

Premium Member I SENT YOU A POET
They, them, those people 
Are lying, not relying 
On God. Lying...
Every time they do 
Their wicked deeds,
They blame it on God. 
They don't believe in...

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Categories: poetry, poets,

Premium Member Climate Health Worshipers
I believe
multicultural vitality is better than monopolistic monoculturing boredom;
not just different, but the difference of climate health v pathology.

I believe
you believe this too.
Because if you...

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Categories: earth, health, humor, political,