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Murder Political Verse Poems

These Murder Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Murder. These are the best examples of Political Verse Murder poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Better Health Care
I've heard it said,
and seen it done,

"This currency of capitalism
is the very venomous root of all evil."

And, I've heard good cooperative capitalists say,
perhaps a bit...

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Categories: caregiving, happiness, health, integrity,

Premium Member The Fear Frenzy Makers

While we sit with our coffee and poetry,
The Fear Frenzy Makers burn the midnight oil.
Digging up lies, just anything man!
To stuff up your brain like...

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Categories: abortion, america, anger, perspective,

Premium Member Consciousness

Look at the world that we live in
is society proud of our deeds?
Children are carrying weapons
not contemplating hate bleeds.
Fathers are raping their daughters
while mothers turn...

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Categories: child abuse, evil, hate,

Premium Member What Ever Happened To Birth Control
What ever happened to BIRTH CONTROL?

Thirty million baby girls
murdered since Roe vs Wade.
The streets are lit in pink
they say to celebrate.

Child sacrifice on demand
from conception...

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Categories: abortion, baby, celebration, how

THE STORY IN MY HEAD (The Man Sitting In Your Front)

He’s not a human being – No, he is less of that
He might’ve been the...

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Categories: abuse, child abuse, dad,

Premium Member Sinful politics condemns God's word
The Government's behaviour firstly no longer defends our church 
this mockery in itself shows a deep lack of good sense 
or the simple sourced judgement...

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Categories: abuse, christian, conflict, corruption,

Premium Member Sinn Fein traitors
No longer do they represent or even come close to Catholic values 
they turn their back on those of us held loyal 
with spiritual morals...

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Categories: abortion, abuse, conflict, future,

Premium Member Sweet talking to arrogance
We all can see those suffering blindness 
at criminal conflict against the truth being told 
so obvious you either for murder or against
there remains a...

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Categories: anti bullying, betrayal, confusion,

Premium Member Rough justice
Those who refuse to violate their religious faith
under the Hippocratic Oath beliefs face loosing their jobs 
if they refuse to participate in aiding killing babies...

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Categories: abuse, anti bullying, betrayal,

Premium Member Any party
Supporting killing children 
they will never ever get my vote again 
when you abort a baby 
your aborting God from your life 

Non-christian parties
now they...

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Categories: abortion, baby, betrayal, corruption,

Premium Member Evil, Guns, Cowardice, Stupidity, and Fear
Evil, Guns, Cowardice, Stupidity, and Fear

is anybody out there?
does anyone really care?

seventeen innocent souls departed this earth
unexpectedly and tragically so whilst leaving
grieving loved ones, classmates,...

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Categories: death, evil, grief, heartbroken,

Fifty-Nine Dead, 597 Injured by Gun—US Tragedy—We continue to kill each with abandon!

Needles without thread
Stallone without stones
Marriage without love
Man without his gun

Romeo without Juliet
Parson without...

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Categories: anger, death, heartbreak, humanity,

Manchester Suicide bomber gets more attention than Mahatma Gandhi
One week ago, a suicide bomber, a murderer took many lives at the Manchester Arena 
The police are hunting down his accomplices to subpoena 

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Categories: evil, heartbreak, murder,

Oh,Boko Haram
Oh,Boko Haram
For how long are you stopping the brutality?
Which has given sleepless nights resulting in insomnia?
Of some hard-working people of Nigeria
It's amazing the mass murder...

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Categories: africa, crazy, evil, humanity,

Premium Member I say it how it is in my eyes
Strange this all falls on deaf ears 
a mockery of justice twist whichever way you wish 
people killed in a hospital act of terror yes...

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Categories: abortion, anti bullying, betrayal,

Premium Member An empire strikes back
War is a time of great conflict 
bringing so much misery and suffering 
to a generation of people mistreated
on their knees in it's wake 

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Categories: blessing, feelings, god, hate,