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Meaningful Political Verse Poems

These Meaningful Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Meaningful. These are the best examples of Political Verse Meaningful poems written by international poets.

The Politics of Hunger
The Politics of Hunger

The politics of hunger,
The politics of greed,
The politics of want and
The politics of need.

The swagger and the bluster
Of Trump rampaging free,
The bad...

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Categories: betrayal, corruption, meaningful, political,

Disseminated information
Disseminated information...
(perhaps theme broached before, yes)?
(alternate title:The hunger for knowledge)

Whither hearing, vis (ideally,
liberal commentators I adore),
asper "NON FAKE") news,
more than weather, latest sports score
or reading,...

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Categories: addiction, america, desire, first

Premium Member The Ways Health Calls
What is the difference
between your highest vocational aspiration
and your better health for all aspirations?

If your answer is
like the sound of two lungs breathing,
then your are...

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Categories: appreciation, caregiving, health, integrity,

Premium Member Commerce of Communion
Competing to weaken inappropriate business models for healthy government
too industriously advocating automated capital-enriching violence
despite co-arising globally stressed-out climates
is not an eco-theologist apologist's leading non-trump card.


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Categories: business, games, health, humor,

Premium Member Virtuous and Vicious Cycles
Like cooperatives explicitly known 
and felt,
most virtuous circle systems
love meaningful ecological theology,
a WinWin reiteratively continuous choice
grows political democratic
tit=tat resilience into multicultural perpetuity,
whether virtuous ego inside

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Categories: color, culture, earth, environment,

Premium Member Notes from a Unitarian Child
Once upon a time,
an eight year old
Black and Green and Brown and Red and Blue Lives Matter
ultra-nonviolent kid
wrote an ultra-violet note to him/herself
about stuff s/he...

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Categories: age, childhood, culture, earth,

Premium Member The Senior Luncheon
YouthGroup interviews WiseElder lunch crowd


(1) What do you recommend for improving our long-term health prospects?

Question met with quiet,
not smug,
possibly embarrassed?

I'm eighty years old.
My goal is...

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Categories: age, childhood, health, meaningful,

Premium Member UnEarthly Earthy Ecstasy
To see ecstatic Earth
is to no longer see our home
as merely static,

To see all physical nature as dynamically changing,
ecstatically or more BusinessAsUsual,
is not necessarily...

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Categories: anger, beauty, health, history,

Premium Member Rhymes With Wealth
Our most resonant health opportunities
appear to be
and to always have been
our most resilient harmonic wealth investments--

Absence of unnecessary
Left-nature fighting Right-spirit
cultures of fundamental Ego v SacredMatriarchal...

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Categories: appreciation, caregiving, community, green,

You smiling at anothers pain let's me know these drugs will NEVER go away.
Nothing to explain,
nobody in reaction of rain,
you chose to beat a liar,

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Categories: absence, adventure, goodbye, green,

Premium Member The March for Our Lives 2018 and Onward
The March for Our Lives [2018 and Onward]

Shooting and killing is not a way of life.
It hurts our mentality and distorts our minds.
We are here...

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Categories: political, power, together, usa,

Premium Member Urbane History Lessons
I have a hardbound copy of
"The City of Hartford 1784-1984"
although most of this coffee table story
of unfortunate events
takes place between 1850 and 1950s,
before and after...

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Categories: caregiving, city, health, integrity,

Premium Member Seed of destruction
Father of all bombs when dropped 
five times greater than the mother 
Where a fallen angel's dance begins 
fornicating with matter darkening subjects 
through and...

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Categories: abortion, anti bullying, bereavement,

Premium Member Wholesome Acclimations
Internal conversions of consciousness,
like external revolutions in cultural awareness,
emerge from understanding Ego's embodied death as unmitigated 100% loss
and too often suffering and pain,
toward comprehending mindbody...

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Categories: culture, death, fear, health,