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Literature Political Verse Poems

These Literature Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Literature. These are the best examples of Political Verse Literature poems written by international poets.

Premium Member BadBoy MonoTheists
Where do we think all this economic and politically empowering
organically luscious imagination
and ecologically exegetical orthopraxis

George Lakoff speaks of strictly straight stern paternalistic God the Universalist...

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Categories: games, health, integrity, math,

Premium Member Standards for Literature
My standard for literature,
whether romantic
or academically sobering,
and preferably some hybrid in-between,

Literature teaches me
something I had not previously known,
but somehow felt,
about myself.

Even better,
also teaching me something...

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Categories: history, humor, language, literature,


On Independence Day 

Salutations halt!!! 
The few 'happy independence day Nigeria'
That rent the air at the rocky capital 
And ekò is pure scorn.

This government birthed...

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Categories: africa, books, independence day,

Premium Member GreyScale Chauvinists
Evangelical fundamentalists,
whether Christian or Islamic or Zionist or Atheist or...
turn away from gospel culture and culturally contextualized scripture
inspired by a God/dess of liberal multicultural divine...

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Categories: color, culture, green, health,

Premium Member Shadows of the living nightmares escape
The brainwashing of non believers has begun 
backwards peddling parties on the streets 
taking away all basic rights under a family structure 
imposing ridiculous arguments...

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Categories: abuse, atheist, betrayal, confusion,

Premium Member Summer Plot Development
In grade school
many of us learned about plot development
as variations on a WinLose theme--
Person v Self,
Person v Other,
Person v God/Universe/Earth/History/Evolution--

probably nothing about cooperative garden plot...

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Categories: caregiving, garden, health, integrity,

If not us, who

In a nation filled with political miscreants and tyrants,
Led by unworthy leaders,
All moving towards the path of the gutter,

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Categories: africa, corruption, humanity, leadership,

Premium Member Biden my time
In a bubble
Of social interactions
Biden my time
Behind the gym
Until the trumpets  pout and fluff
Punching I lay them all on the floor

Sadly life is down...

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Categories: anti bullying, art, bird,

Premium Member Thanksgiving for Justice
We have developed several economic models
for social justice and injustice.

OldSchool retributive justice,
punishing in fair exchange for offensive sins.

Newer distributive and redistributive (0)Sum
and Not Necessarily (0)Sum...

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Categories: beauty, earth, integrity, peace,

Premium Member Holier With Thou
My continuing impatience problem
with smug fundamentalists
self-asserting holier than thou moral positions,
is that Christ's main point is not
Holier Than Others, like Chosen People
but Holier With Thou,

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Categories: culture, god, imagination, integrity,

Premium Member Preparing Love's Ways and Means
So, love is good for you?
Not too traumatic?

In a foreplay
Win-Win kind of way,

Now what?

Maybe some music and stretching?

How about another dance?

Sacred MotherEarth,
you wear me out.


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Categories: caregiving, earth, education, health,

Premium Member Red and Green Christians
Let's start with a fundamental flaw of fundamentalist Christianity,
a literary flaw within literal non-interpretation of historical creation
and sacred development.

This is true of radical jihadist Moslims...

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Categories: addiction, bible, hate, health,

Premium Member EnLightening ReLigions
Religiosity is the culture-bound pretension
of religious function.

Religious is to spiritually healthy function
as religion
faith system, idolatrous or divine,
is to spiritual form,
ecosystemic or pathologically other-unwise.

Spirit is to...

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Categories: earth, education, health, integrity,

Premium Member Ms Liska
When I was a FreshPerson in a new higher school,
our English Literature class was delighted
to meet a new to our area Ms. Liska,
who was a...

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Categories: death, humanity, humor, life,

Premium Member Wealth of Health
Is life truly good healthy wealth
because I wanted it to be that way,
or because it truly is good health wealth
that we all want to become?


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Categories: caregiving, earth, education, health,

Premium Member Research and Design
PermaCultural InFormation/ExFormation Research and Design

Zero SpaceYang gratefully greets YinBiLateral Time,
after several science and math collateral cooperations,
over and through and beyond metaphysical and special case physical...

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Categories: caregiving, happiness, health, humor,

Think Free

It's when aristocracy begins to feel like a mid-uphill battle
It's when the armageddon features evil on both sides 
the good are speculating from the auditorium

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Categories: encouraging, , literature,

Premium Member Paradise ReForested
Seeds, like mentors, are germinators.
Generation wears two faces,
as does development,
positive and negative,
regeneration and degeneration.

Some seeds are healthier than others.
Some are positively deviant, robust,
and others are...

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Categories: art, creation, earth day,

Premium Member NonEastern Family Politics
I began reading Jane Anna Gordon's "Creolizing Political Theory"
from the back toward the front,
as usual,
because if I appreciate where this narrative journey will end,
then I...

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Categories: culture, health, power, ,

Premium Member Enlightening Systems
"Overcoming misleading [economic and political] metaphors
that are physically [naturally, ecosystemically, phylogenically] in [and of] 
your [ecological-organic embodied] brain
is never easy."

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Categories: blessing, humor, math, mentor,