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Judgement Political Verse Poems

These Judgement Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Judgement. These are the best examples of Political Verse Judgement poems written by international poets.

Rise O Empire of Tibet
O’Great Nation of the Himalayas,
Claim your rightful place on the earth,
Prove to none, except yourself, what your worth,
Hurdle the Dragon, that Serpent into the dearth,


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Categories: america, judgement, military, pashto,

Premium Member Sacred Discernment
Perhaps a way to turn
from failed
and often violent
retributive justice
to grab healthy hold
of restorative justice

Would ask,
What is this deep difference
between discerning judgment
and moralistic judgment?

To discern,
and not...

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Categories: anti bullying, caregiving, health,

Premium Member With Liberty And Justice For All
"With Liberty and Justice for all"
For the great and the small.
For the strong and the weak.
For the crooked and the meek.
Let there be a righteous...

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Categories: poetry, political,

A Sad State of the Union
This country's in a mess today,
And things are getting worse not better.
Our leadership has lost its grip
And has given common sense the slip,
When the White...

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Categories: america, leadership, perspective,

In dispraise of Poetry
Guilty as charged they passed on the verdict
As the prisoner who had been accused of an atrocity, stood before the jury.
It comprised of not more...

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Categories: corruption, cry, freedom, judgement,

Dutiful discipline drives devoted diligence
Dutiful discipline drives devoted diligence...

Quotidian dedication describes
das deft dude,
his promising passion
with English language
within recent past dim sum
might notice he brewed

poems about common
trials and tribulations food

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Categories: 11th grade, 12th grade,

Premium Member Signs of the time we live in
This sandwich board licence business closely illustrates 
what this is really by taking the biscuit 
money for signage so much a year
Drawing a unique...

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Categories: conflict, corruption, judgement, life,

Premium Member Patriotic Pause
Hate, hate 
and more hate
so much it frustrates 
Don’t serve that man 
or that woman
put away those plates
leave them to their own fates
loving only you...

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Categories: angst,

Missile Poised To Strike
Hidden under crop circle
resembling an ampersand
hides sheathed silo - obscured,
said symbol adorned every armband
of national socialist, yet weapons

of mass destruction) bland
lee, blatantly ignored global pact

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Categories: america, anxiety, farewell, judgement,

Murderous Sprees
Murderous Sprees...
sinister Population Control, Sans Cosmic Creator?

Maybe,... I shudder to think
up the sleeve and ornate cufflink
of divine maker, a deliberate pitch
to foist Homo sapien on...

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Categories: america, anger, discrimination, education,

Premium Member Opening New Doors
A door closes,
sometimes slowly and quietly,
sometimes with an angry fearful slam,
an exclaiming final point
against my fragile hoping soul.

As we mature
through many opening and closing doors,

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Categories: destiny, environment, health, hope,

Premium Member Through Thick and Thin
I think it might be John Rawls
who writes about
thick and thin justice sandwiches.

Thick justice
may be more deeply embedded, richly spread
in regenerative pursuing time,
producing and serving...

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Categories: analogy, culture, health, integrity,

I really truly mean to say this,
when I say this,

I think you should get back together with him,

this travesty isn't coherent,

nor any more literal than...

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Categories: beauty, bible, character, dark,

Premium Member GrandMother Moon: Philosopher of Law
I declare,
said Grandmother Moon,
in a distinct correlational dialect
of new to full moon recycling health,

You have the right to remain free
of annoying monotheistic waste-stream Authorities.

Waste-stream Authorities...

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Categories: culture, games, health, humanity,

Its' truth,
and it's in the dark,

but with the spark we can wall off like a plaster of farce,

any indecent start,

with incandescent sprawl to remark.

As if...

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Categories: body, break up, film,