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Jobs Political Verse Poems

These Jobs Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Jobs. These are the best examples of Political Verse Jobs poems written by international poets.

Early mid afternoon May 22nd 2020
Early/mid afternoon May 22nd, 2020...

Raindrops percolate Perkiomen Valley watershed
pleasant reprieve versus quite warm temperatures
yesterday found yours truly averse attempting re:
ding outside, the secluded alcove visible...

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Categories: 12th grade, future, health,

Premium Member Builders
Their pounded wind
called our neighborhood.

We were children
who entered their work
like a hearth.

Electric wisk, whine,
sawdusted the cool summer
uder our trees.

From banded boards
basking in dirt
to skeletal hints

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Categories: childhood, children, innocence, jobs,

Premium Member Waitress
help wanted
long evenings
a service toil of trays
which exhausted smile
the tip

high cut mini
her service
always the management's eye
for sex

The table shines
coins in ashtrays
ashes in plates
faces crowded with...

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Categories: jobs, money, sexy, woman,

Premium Member Pittsburgh Rain
Working ethic.
          steel ethnic.
Pittsburgh in the rain
like metal canisters.

The grain of the Alleghenies.
Old labor's hand sings...

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Categories: city, eulogy, history, image,

Premium Member Native Steel
I am the American worker
coal fired for refined thieves
on the thirty first floor.

My secrets rest
roadside beyond the guardrail
where ditched alleys
lead to rowhouses.

A list of porches

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Categories: allusion, america, eulogy, extended

Premium Member Garbage Men
Trailing steel cans
and rolling out their
long rags.

The morning is a frost
broken in clamorous relief.

Frayed holes in their eaten
gloves carry a crushed chore,
a rotted job bundled...

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Categories: allegory, eulogy, jobs, work,

Premium Member Trump's Intake Interview
you've reached the EcoTherapist Cooperative.
How can we help you
without bringing harm to Others?

That's a question I've never thought about.
I'm calling for the National Republican Party.

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Categories: america, caregiving, earth day,

Government teetering upon precipice of anarchy abyss one
Disposition tilts dogma of poetaster
elicits, nevertheless adopting role jester
trending toward vagueness exhibited
by Addams family uncle Fester.

Yours truly makes exception to his
preference for law and order,...

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Categories: 12th grade, america, jobs,

Premium Member Another Racism Forum
Our Black Lives Matter team was hosting
another monthly forum on racism,
as regularly scheduled,
anti-patriarchal business as usual.

The facilitator opened with a question,
asking for a show of...

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Categories: anti bullying, culture, green,

Earth Proceedings
Walks of movements
The work which doesn't work
Man been laboring for centuries 
The irony, no babies
Just endless efforts,
To keep earths momentum running 
From its revolution to...

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Categories: allegory, deep, identity, image,

Premium Member Patriotic Pause
Hate, hate 
and more hate
so much it frustrates 
Don’t serve that man 
or that woman
put away those plates
leave them to their own fates
loving only you...

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Categories: angst,

Premium Member Rough justice
Those who refuse to violate their religious faith
under the Hippocratic Oath beliefs face loosing their jobs 
if they refuse to participate in aiding killing babies...

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Categories: abuse, anti bullying, betrayal,

Premium Member Things Not Mentioned
I was listening to our Commissioner
of Economic and Community Development
speak of how happy she is
our State and Federal tax revenues
now subsidize two,
possibly even three, submarines

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Categories: caregiving, earth, education, health,

Premium Member Paul, Peter and the Tweeter
Paul, Peter and the Tweeter
Why not choose, 
a billionaire leader?
One who is not 
an eloquent speaker.
Trouble rises,
he robs Paul to pay Peter.
The bold rich need...

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Categories: anxiety, celebrity, confusion, environment,

trumpy's Republican Platform
He's A Pedophile President
In love with himself, and the Republican Party
He says healthcare is not for me, cause' I have cancer and that I should...

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Categories: america, anger, betrayal, how