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Humanity Political Verse Poems

These Humanity Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Humanity. These are the best examples of Political Verse Humanity poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Steadfastly Unsure
I remain unsure
of how to reliably
and yet autonomously distinguish
between contemplative leisure
and contempt provoking laziness.

I remain unsure
why Eastern metaphysicians,
spiritual/natural nondualistic teachers
continue to describe
ego as not only...

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Categories: green, health, humanity, humor,

Premium Member I Feel Misguided
It feels misguided,
yet I do not feel misled,
to aspire to fame, measured in assets
and/or in power to influence others,
capital and social benefits
possibly acquiring famous
and infamous...

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Categories: creation, culture, health, humanity,

Premium Member EcoFeminist Blues
how dominant or repressed,
predative or victimized,
winner or loser,
positive or negative,
show up in so many paradigms
of light,

And/Or predetermined
prejudicial shadow
too bipolar--

Not enough dipolar both/and
cause/effective co-arising nuanced circles

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Categories: culture, earth, health, integrity,

Premium Member Interdependent Americans
"I do not see what right any one would have
to object to calling this part 
[the South American mainland], 
after Americus 
who discovered it 

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Categories: earth, health, history, humanity,

Electorate witnesses wounded beast
Electorate witnesses wounded beast...
flailing, lurching, and writhing in throes of agony

Trumpets blare acknowledging
crack hunters lucky strike,
i.e. bullseye salvo shot at
innocuous yet brutish
and nasty looking Homo...

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Categories: absence, autumn, class, evil,

Premium Member The Lonely Warrior
I wonder how much,
if any, distance
we might uncover
between The Lone Warrior
surrounded by weary white YesMen,
and The Naked Emperor
surrounded by timid white YesMen.

Both Warriors and Emperors

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Categories: caregiving, earth, health, humanity,

Premium Member FullFlushed Trump Cards
He begins
commenting on Chuang-tse
who was commenting on Laotse's
"Exalt not the wise
So that the people shall not scheme [win v lose]
and contend [in partisan debate];"

Wait, am...

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Categories: anti bullying, earth, health,

Premium Member Spiritual Guides
Spiritual guides,
of all persuasions,
all religions,
all anti-religions,
with robust economic forecasting contracts,
and those without political capital,

Encourage their deep listeners
to avoid attachment
to positive thoughts
and feelings
and dissociation 
divestment from...

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Categories: celebration, destiny, health, history,

Premium Member Natural Cathedral
Outside of spiritually empowering meditation
is nature's organic liturgy
of creation
more positively enlightening
than degenerative dogma.

Within liturgical ritual
awaits spirited medication
healing win v lose,
left v right,
yang v yin,
inhale v...

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Categories: analogy, earth, health, humanity,

Premium Member DNA's Ecological Confession
I live each breath
each day
each month
each season
each year
each stage of lifespan
each life and death cycle
of passionate memory,
between eternal consciousness
and timeless change.

Breathing in non-zero sum
and exhaling...

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Categories: deep, health, humanity, integrity,

Premium Member The Big Tent Elephant
Once upon eternal time,
all philosophers
and theologians
and ecologists,
published and unpublished,
credentialed and indigenous,
elders and children
and all ages in-between,
alive and dead
and all health indicators in-between,
got together
to sort out...

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Categories: health, humanity, humor, integrity,

June 2nd, 2020 Pennsylvania rescheduled primary voting day
(alternately titled: Whew...
so glad I chose absentee/ mail-in ballot),
and agitate (poetically)
November presidential election
brings requisite equality.

Unforeseen (unprecedented)
stiff competition with protesters
crowdsourced within major
Pennsylvania metropolitan areas
necessitating president

to confront...

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Categories: 12th grade, absence, celebration,

Premium Member Wounded Integrity
To totally trust Earth invites
no one perfectly correct health path

Suggests we will find no wealth path
totally corrupt.

To commit to our best way
for healthy now
in this...

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Categories: change, freedom, health, humanity,

Premium Member Social Climbing
For Trumpians
our multiculturally celebrated Golden Rule
applies first to Ego
then to immediate white privileged family,
then to wealthier gated community,
then to a more rabblous Republican Party,
then to...

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Categories: community, health, humanity, humor,

Jihad Donald Trump Style
The glory of America, 
now heats up
with agitation poised 
to strike on the brink
sans legislation incites humiliation,
which goads desecration
as fete accompli chink
in armor of...

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Categories: 12th grade, anger, freedom,