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Howl Political Verse Poems

These Howl Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Howl. These are the best examples of Political Verse Howl poems written by international poets.

I hear their almighty roar!
Lions pontificating on the Senate floor.
I see wolves prowling the House chamber;
Howling to create a national anger;
Media circus masters have them...

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Categories: america, howl, political,

Velkommen awoke Scare for treat
All hallows eve festooned, spooked sight,
tricked out ghostly haunted house fright
especially 'pon dark and stormy night
courtesy creation gnarled skeletal hands
iron grip strength steely bewitched might

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Categories: 11th grade, 12th grade,

Damn Divisive Demagogic Derelict
Das Don doth debilitate democracy
driving a collateral wedge
deliberately dividing differences
collaborating, collapsing, and collaring
disparity amidst ever
increasing homogenization

extant within contiguous United States
across world wide web for that...

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Categories: america, conflict, grief, howl,

The Last melody
At first melody under the sunlit sky and the rolling hills
Stand tall, we sat with our picnic blanket, so high. 
Watching the world pass, the...

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Categories: anger, anxiety, deep, depression,

Lion And Lamb
I sat at the shore at the
Break of the day. When the,
Sun steals from the vast curtain of nature,
Peeping through human infrastructures.
When I saw,a lamb...

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Categories: allegory,

A Frisson of Fear
A Frisson of Fear
by Rick Folker

I will not bow to
your idols of

I will not offer prayers to
your false gods you

I will not kneel to 

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Categories: howl, political,

Premium Member GirlCutt Voices
What sustains life are sacred values,
so what cannot sustain becomes pathological.

Matriarchy is about nurturing and care-giving,
protecting life and conserving cooperative energies;
yet that implies that patriarchy...

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Categories: abuse, america, gender, health,

Premium Member Trickling Down Theories
Those of us living in the USA
too often hear Republican capitalist dogma
of The Great Trickle Down Theory,
in which those who have most
must get more first

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Categories: abuse, depression, earth day,

Premium Member Another Nanny March
I already hear the Twittering Trumpers
and Trumpettes
in their unholy locker rooms
reducing the marching evolution of nurturing feminist matriarchs
to another whine,
too gooey,
shrill and screechy,
nagging nanny stroll...

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Categories: community, family, health, howl,