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House Political Verse Poems

These House Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about House. These are the best examples of Political Verse House poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Invisible Spaces
Do you feel a profound difference
between secular shelter
and sacred space;
natural place
and spiritual sanctuary
from predative time?

Is this revisited
when considering density,
solidarity distinctions
between a house
a building
a "property improvement"

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Categories: earth, environment, health, home,

Premium Member America, Where Are You

How did it come to pass that
belonging to a religion is now 
considered a stupid act?

And when being anti-American,
a sign of superior intellectuality?
When no respect for...

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Categories: america, anger, conflict, grave,

I know of a place
A place so rich and fertile 
A place with green trees
With the sweet scent of nature
And the beauty of wildlife

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Categories: africa, anger, conflict, dark,

Summit Times Ja Just Gotta Walk Away
Summit Times Ja Just Gotta Walk Away...

Excusing yourself as if...
going to the bidet,
an immense water closet
(perhaps the size of
Mar A Lago type getup),
sans human waste

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Categories: abuse, betrayal, deep, environment,

Premium Member FYI
FYI: White House

FROM:  Mother Earth

In case you, or anyone you know, is possibly listening,
wanted to mention,

Climate change is a catastrophic NATIONAL,
even international, DISASTER;
a poly-psychopathic...

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Categories: caregiving, health, history, humanity,

Premium Member What I Think Will Come True This Year
The czars and the kings will hold on to their throne chairs
until they are dragged out kicking and screaming,
tweeting all the way to their dungeons.


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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Housing Homeless Souls
Warm with camaraderie,
Filled with extending family eyes
kindly accessible as two-way inviting cameras,
Cooperatively good-humored, sometimes gently critical,
never intentionally mean or ugly,

A healthy communion home
can unravel
becoming an...

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Categories: birth, health, home, house,

Premium Member Nepotism
Nepotism at her worst.
The post office
The White House?


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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Political Nightmare
I jumped out of a cold bed after a rather disturbing keen dream
I was standing in front of a corpulent old white horse, teeth clearly...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,


that's my wife's business,
he will make it for you, not tomato sauce but grated coconut sauce which is fried without oil wrapped in banana leaves...

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Categories: care, city, culture, love,

candidate -calon-

that's my wife's business,
he will make it for you, not tomato sauce but grated coconut sauce which is fried without oil wrapped in banana leaves...

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Categories: art, conflict, culture, food,

Premium Member Three Colored Pigs
Once upon a ZeroTime
we suffered great terror and loss.

and plants
refused to speak kindly with each other
because of a Big Bad Wolf
named Ms. Climatic Change 

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Categories: dream, earth, health, humanity,

Premium Member Heading Out
I said My son
you have your house
and sometimes food,
You have your phone
and sometimes fuel,
You have your girl
and sometimes friends
are also fools

But an uninspiring vacation
won't work...

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Categories: care, earth, green, health,

Premium Member The CEO Who Would Be Pope
Once within our time
we birthed a CEO
who would be Pope,
but might settle for Grand Wizard.

He was selected by a near majority vote
of a highly confused...

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Categories: anti bullying, earth, health,

Premium Member Stretching Integrity's GoodNews
I find at least one difference
between owning water and energy outright
and co-owning water and energy delivery systems,
transport infrastructures.

The latter is cooperatively optimal.
The former is resiliently...

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Categories: caregiving, culture, education, health,

Premium Member CareGiving Stories Continued
Wounded Sacred Dementia

My last foster care-provider
and -receiver story
is also a sad story
of my last special needs adoption
of bipolar born,
and oppositionally reared,

My BiPolar Wounded Child
turned an...

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Categories: caregiving, health, humor, love,

Premium Member Any party
Supporting killing children 
they will never ever get my vote again 
when you abort a baby 
your aborting God from your life 

Non-christian parties
now they...

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Categories: abortion, baby, betrayal, corruption,

Premium Member An End to the Republic
It's coming,
  don't close your eyes or fall asleep
  the fall of democracy could happen this very week.
Republicans pass bills unread

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Categories: america, integrity, political, power,

London has built another special hospital
made for all Nigerian Presidents and Nobles,
and future Aristocrats who will fight corruption;
Since we die not in this country anymore...

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Categories: absence, abuse, africa, anger,

Premium Member Spelling doomsday back to front
My pen is on fire today 
as I see one word leader 
in particular openly condemn peace 
through his vile vulgar mouth
aggression in words spitting...

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Categories: abortion, anti bullying, betrayal,