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High School Political Verse Poems

These High School Political Verse poems are examples of poetry about High School Political Verse. These are the best examples of Political Verse High School poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Multicultural Wisdom
Interdependent awareness,
like environmental health,
values integrity above fragmentation,
cooperation above competition,

Mature ego strength,
multiculturally informed
and wisely matured,
values compassionate harmonic relationship
rooted in nutrition's EarthMother Womb experience,

Original win/win intent,
precociously peace-filling,

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Categories: adventure, education, games, health,

Premium Member Back in the Hippy UnHappy Sixties
When I was in high school,
late 60's,
we were concerned
about the ballistic lose/lose climate of hate
in Vietnam
and spreading across the U.S.

The only smiling winners
were purveyors of...

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Categories: health, peace,

Premium Member Failures of Integrity
I feel like a high school civics class dropout.

So much confuses me,
to this day, you see,
about democratic constitutional legal equity,
which feels like it should have...

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Categories: community, culture, health, humor,

Premium Member Love Hate Comparisons
I want to live in a healthy place,
at least as mature as junior high school,
where who I reciprocally love,
gay or straight or span-sexually in-between,
is not...

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Categories: culture, hate, health, integrity,

Premium Member Black Life Shatters
My oldest son,
one of the few Earth-mattering
Black lives
I was made to protect
to guide
by eco-righteous WinWin acts 
and co-passioning words,

Felt, and therefore was, disempowered,
like helpless prey...

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Categories: black african american, bullying,

Premium Member Class of 1970
When I was in my Michigan high school
I found something both promising
and sacred,
portentous with rural, yet also urbane, PositivEnergy,
in and among our graduating classes
of 1970.


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Categories: age, gospel, health, high

Premium Member Evil, Guns, Cowardice, Stupidity, and Fear
Evil, Guns, Cowardice, Stupidity, and Fear

is anybody out there?
does anyone really care?

seventeen innocent souls departed this earth
unexpectedly and tragically so whilst leaving
grieving loved ones, classmates,...

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Categories: death, evil, grief, heartbroken,

Premium Member Wise Elders
Wise Elders are patient,
fully embrace non-violent communication
and health care
of climates and landscapes,
and planet,
and dreams
rebuilding positive faith.

Wise Elders non-violently listen
for karmic grace of love
sometimes overflowing, diastatic.


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Categories: 5th grade, caregiving, class,

Premium Member Our EarthCafe CoOp
In one sense,
the Cafe CoOp
started as my therapeutic retirement dream.

in quite another
the CoOp goes back to when I was eight,
and I thought,
assumed really,
everyone indulged in...

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Categories: business, education, games, health,

Premium Member LongTerm ReAssessments
how old were you when you first tried THC?

It was not until my freshperson year
at the University of Michigan
when you could not go from one...

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Categories: culture, destiny, happiness, health,

Premium Member The THC Ordinance
I am fairly new to this Norwick community.
If I recall correctly
we have about forty thousand households here
where the Connecticut River
conjoins the Mohegan and Iroquois Rivers;

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Categories: community, earth, family, growth,

Premium Member Summer of '67
My canopy of early summer sounds
in 1967
was as intimate as adolescent knowledge
might ever become.

My sixteenth summer
sweetly smiled with driver's permit,
my first job,
economic promise while the...

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Categories: culture, growing up, health,

Premium Member Health Loss WarGames
As I transitioned from high school
to the University of Michigan,
one of the leading national health and safety issues
was painfully violent loss of Vietnamese and U.S....

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Categories: america, conflict, confusion, growing

Premium Member After School Jam Session
How was school today?


Did you learn anything important?

Maybe. I'm not sure yet.

Really? What are you considering?

We talked about Howard Odum's natural trinity
of altruism.

Maybe I skipped...

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Categories: culture, earth, education, environment,

Democratic education
When I was in school I took U.S History three time but it was three different,


I took Biology in seven grade and it was no...

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Categories: art, love,

YMCA Black Achiever
If you know your history you know that the black achiever is one, 

Step down from the NAACP for youth student in high school,

My mom...

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Categories: art, love,

I hear that this year there will be a Ivy League in the NCAA Basketball League
And just when I was about to go Ivy
When I...

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Categories: art, love,

Premium Member The Taoist Stands Up
So, yes, I'm a Taoist
A lotta' people ask me about what that means,
to be a Taoist.

And, I usually ask
What do you mean,
what does it mean?

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Categories: community, culture, games, humor,

Trump Donald J
Donald J. Trump
Great Person
Of the History
Of Earth.

Welcome in the
Big Politic
By the States's

Sorry mine Stupid
Mindless, if My
Brain not working
Giving, please

4 the nextly goodest thinking.©

For the best

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Categories: america, best friend, brother,