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Hate Political Verse Poems

These Hate Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Hate. These are the best examples of Political Verse Hate poems written by international poets.

Premium Member The news blues
Navalny in a Russian cell clearly isn't doing well. America continues to reflect on that knee on Mr. Floyd's neck. Asian hate crimes on the...

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Categories: 1st grade, political,

Premium Member Doctors of Industrious Divinity
Dear Bishop Michael Cote, Doctor of Divinity
through pre-historic untold ages
through reborn renaissance stages
through industriously energetic praises
through enlightenment phases
through empowerment dysphasia

Some of us lesser health care...

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Categories: christian, green, health, nature,

Premium Member Here Comes This Time
There comes a time
when partisan
and pious positions
are set not aside
but explicitly within
both/and dialogue frames
evolve and revolve
private principles
and public EarthJust policies
for healthcare practice
passion stories
redemptively co-invested
cooperative journeys


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Categories: courage, health, integrity, peace,

Premium Member If We Agree In Love
"If we agree in love,
then there is no disagreement that can do us any injury,
but if we do not,
no agreement can do us any good."

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Categories: culture, health, light, love,

Premium Member Bridge The Yawning Gulf
       Washington is broken; it couldn't be more divided. 

And who suffers because of this us-against-them tribalism?

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Categories: perspective, political,

Premium Member Healing Unusually Cruel Justice
and everyone 
we have ever legitimately loved,
we will lose.

Mentally embracing
facing this problem
of biological mortality
is half of our potential
multigenerationally licit grace.

The other half,
more redemptively front

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Categories: destiny, health, humanity, integrity,

Premium Member If I Were She
If I were S/He
I would look downstream
for a power so high
this mythic enlightenment feels sacredly deep
and widely therapeutic
mystical in feeling,
practical in  application.

If I were...

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Categories: health, heart, integrity, military,

Premium Member Today Is Different
Today is assiduously
religiously different,
as I review our local RiverEast News.

Every week
Mike Thompson writes a solid Editorial
in a compelling voice.
I expect to only add
my hearty sacred

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Categories: america, health, integrity, prayer,

How To Take Yourself And Others To Heaven Or Hell
You must become something that you can be. You must become "Immortality": You can pass through"Eternity when you reach "Immortality where "God "The Creator is...

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Categories: 12th grade, 1st grade,

Premium Member Broken Glass
Some recalled Kristallnacht,
the white mob’s facial fever,
once the same fever of a night,
now the fever of a day-mare.

Some recalled Charlottesville,
the white mob’s lust for blood,

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Categories: allusion, hate, horror, political,

Premium Member Grand Old Trump Party
President Trump, 
shortly after his singularly smelly election, 
declared emphatic comparisons with Elder Republican
Abraham Lincoln.

Early on,
he described Lincoln as his kindred political soul,
admired mentor,
and the...

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Categories: bullying, earth, health, humor,

Premium Member Violence Separates Us
My senior minister just now
pointed out and in toward Washington
aware of this extraordinary Time.

Violence separates us 
from the ordinary 
every time, 
she speaks from her...

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Categories: anger, bullying, fear, hate,

Premium Member Where Do Bullies Heal
Where do bully pulpits go
when the only audience
right or left
is silence?

How would a narcotic Bully speak
after wonder and awed silence
return to anxious quiet
within a healing...

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Categories: anti bullying, bullying, culture,

Premium Member Learning HealthCare Systems
My educational system
has a diseducating problem.

How to engage young minds,
like young ideas,
easily distracted,
and potentially miseducated,
by vicarious
and often trivial entertainments.

Superficial disengagements
too much the reverse
of social capital...

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Categories: anger, bullying, caregiving, education,

Premium Member Multiple ReGenerations
First Regenerations
merge into Earth's ecolove
our individuating way

Tips pointed toward ego/eco-faith co-acclimating communities,
bilaterally balancing Either/Or left-brain dominance
monoculturing competitive economics

And Both/And right-brain polyculturing prominence
enlightening cooperative internally bicameral...

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Categories: appreciation, creation, health, integrity,