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Future Political Verse Poems

These Future Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Future. These are the best examples of Political Verse Future poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Life and Death Perspectives
and theologians, curiously,
are more likely to confuse the tragic end of humanity
with the end of sacred EarthLife's developmental 
and sacred significance.

holistic ecologists,
integral biologists,
students of pre-historic...

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Categories: death, earth, education, health,

Premium Member Toasting Therapeutic Trees
I talk with indigenous treed elders;
Tell them about my distractions
severance in-between
secular and sacred beings,
between human nature and divine spirit,
between ecological relationship
and theological redemption.

Communing cultures
and structures

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Categories: health, integrity, love, nature,

I Imagine a Free People
Four pages of parchment to write a constitution;
Relief bills numbering 5,593 is tyranny; not a solution.
It is high time the tyrants in Washington,
Sat down, shut...

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Categories: abuse, america, betrayal, corruption,

What you really want RL poetry contest
For R . L
What you really want
Political Poetry Contest

Politics L.M.H

Learn from your elders
a wise old Q-tip

When veryone gets treated equally
as an individual based on 

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Categories: slam,

Premium Member In America, a poem
                 Every state is a verse, and America is...

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Categories: 12th grade, appreciation, blessing,

Premium Member What I Really Want
I want to see the America, my grandparents saw;
The promise of freedom, and justice for all.

Where to be an American, a privilege, from "sea to...

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Categories: political,

Having experienced the Almighty’s goodness 
to our dear Motherland ---
I envision her as constantly enjoying freedom bliss
vis-à-vis accountable responsibility-exercise 
among people diligently led by government...

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Categories: character, christian, encouraging, faith,

Premium Member Revolutionary GreenPeace
Most of life plays out somewhere
in-between resplendent deification of MotherEarth
and rabid defiance of EarthMother

Is a peculiarly Republican challenge,
confusing unchanging 
divinely dogmatically inspired

As if such...

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Categories: god, health, integrity, peace,

Premium Member Healing GrandMother's Earth
Could you more faithfully believe?

Your enemies do not sacrifice their first born children
right before they eat them

And they do not worship
predative Jewish
and terrorizing Muslim

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Categories: allusion, earth day, environment,

Premium Member What I Really Want
What I really want for myself and my countrymen 
Is PEACE, first and foremost, —a utopia, I guess, 
Where bias, bigotry and prejudice do not...

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Categories: america, society, world,

Premium Member Presidential Sweet
If I were the President
at least for one day
I’d build me a sandbox
Where everyone could play

I wouldn’t be a liar
I’d gladly tell the truth
No eye...

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Categories: courage, future, leadership,

Premium Member Search For MysticPowers
My inside mystic still searches
for my strongest and best
omnipotently higher all-embracing Power
of unchanging monotheistic Truth
and Beauty.

My outside voices
still long for deeper Power
through widely multicultural EnLightenment

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Categories: community, culture, health, integrity,

Premium Member Deep WellHearted Minds
I suppose my worldview life of mind
and witnessing view of few
deep well
hearted Earth

Would feel easier
more powerfully co-inviting
without chronic win/lose stressors
popping up
against downstream sundry, multiculturally 


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Categories: earth day, health, home,

Premium Member Bread Is From Earth
Deep warm-blooded
Dark brown 
Multigrain Manna is from Heaven.

OK, most times,
I'm not actively building a cooperatively co-invested
and environmental health system,
or even a local family-safe 
multiculturally resilient...

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Categories: community, earth, health, home,

Premium Member CiVitality's Health Needs
We need no further
corporate monoculturally mediated information
about Donald Trump's degenerative past predicted
and predicated future trajectory,

No further need
to vigorously stir
frantic vengeance of liberally lavish lovers
against autocratic...

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Categories: anxiety, caregiving, health, humor,