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Forgiveness Political Verse Poems

These Forgiveness Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Forgiveness. These are the best examples of Political Verse Forgiveness poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Raising ChildFriendly Communities
When disuniting yang's admittedly subjective supremacy
debates against disforming yin's non-objective wimpiness,

Then yin with yang,
like right with left
ego/eco-covenanting crisis wanderers
sojourn between win/win and lose/lose anawim,
learning to...

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Categories: caregiving, childhood, community, health,

Premium Member Healthier Democratic Days and Nights
In good government sectors,
Inside capital-driven outside energized urban environments,
In healthy cooperative societies,
In proper green-civilizing schools,
and domestically robust economies,

Outer boundary views
remain openly and resiliently cooperative,
while less...

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Categories: community, conflict, green, health,

Premium Member We-Consciousness
Great transitional resolutions,
effective resilient communications,
like all communal, valid systems,
like all communions, vital paradigms,
grow robust as fueled by compassion

And grow frail
blown up
as fueled by competitive aggression,

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Categories: destiny, earth, forgiveness, health,

Premium Member Blue PostThanksgiving Muse
I would become more respectful
during this EarthSoul incarnation
empowering my mortal EgoBody.

Earth feeds humanity gratitude.
Humanity breeds future EarthSoul
from generation breathed
and spawned
and beaten
and bled into regeneration.

To let...

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Categories: blue, culture, earth, forgiveness,

Premium Member White Privilege
Structural racism lives outside
while personal racists die inside
Choking on polluted air
and water
and soil,
nature and spirit of history's orthodox structures
eliting Big WhiteHouse privilege.

Racist systems
produce racist daddies

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Categories: green, hate, health, love,

Premium Member Restoring Supreme HealthJustice
My litmus test question
for supreme and more everyday justice makers
organic bakers
RealTime fakers:

Have you read research results
comparing retributive justice unhealthy outcomes
to those of good-faith restorative
justice processes?

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Categories: caregiving, forgiveness, freedom, health,

Premium Member Shadows of the living nightmares escape
The brainwashing of non believers has begun 
backwards peddling parties on the streets 
taking away all basic rights under a family structure 
imposing ridiculous arguments...

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Categories: abuse, atheist, betrayal, confusion,

Premium Member Rights of Prey
Self-pardoning rights of predators and pirates
emperors and kings
CEOs and wealthy competitors
follow our over investment
in separating natural land and bodies
from oceanic surfing inside spirits,
yang ecopolitical strength...

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Categories: anti bullying, caregiving, earth,

Premium Member Universe of PowerGames
We first GoldenRule regard
each other Ego
as one special natural/spiritual
Left with Right
ZeroZone actively balancing case
of co-mentoring WinWin opportunity
to proactively love until we die.

Simultaneously chewing while walking,

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Categories: forgiveness, games, health, history,

Premium Member Why MultiCultural Education Matters
The Twelfth Principle

Cooperatively adopt
and responsively adapt
for creolizing acclimation,
best climate and landscape health practices.

The U.S. today
reweaves two points of national nurturing departure,
both taught in schools
and history...

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Categories: caregiving, forgiveness, health, history,

Premium Member End of subject that matters
Every school stereotypes 
when it comes to enrolling lets begin
There is Catholic schools all over the world 
this is clearly an attack at our culture...

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Categories: abuse, bible, blessing, conflict,

Premium Member Prodigal Sons and Daughters
Why do you always forgive
and invite me back home?

Why do I respond to my Prodigal Son
with prodigious love?

I guess.

Because we share an Older RightBrain Stem,

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Categories: forgiveness, health, humor, love,

With Education you can change the world
“With Education you can change the world”

I was a fly on the wall and I saw...         ...

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Categories: education, forgiveness, future, inspirational,