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Eve Political Verse Poems

These Eve Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Eve. These are the best examples of Political Verse Eve poems written by international poets.

NOW casus belli upon the head of Alabama Governor Kay Ivey
NOW - casus belli upon the head of Alabama Governor Kay Ivey

Greenlighted signal activating
opprobrious rapacious incestuous grievous...
Alabama Human Life Protection Act approved
desecration against women enrages

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Categories: abortion, abuse, age, america,

Premium Member On Winning GameSystems
In a win or lose
either/or binary digital technology game
created from an original WinPlayer/WinGame
co-refining definition,
each player can play regenerative win/lose sequences
faithing that eventually a win/win...

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Categories: addiction, analogy, games, health,

Premium Member Earth Goddess Gets Riled
I fear Earth Goddess has something rather unkind to say
about RightWing patriarchal 
pretensions oligarchical,

Which begins with N,
and ends with R,
and in-between fills out with Eve


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Categories: conflict, culture, earth, god,

Premium Member End of an Era
This Halocene Epic
of EcoZoic Earth
began with FirstMourning Adam

This Halocene broke out
when Eve yinned
and Adam yanged 
verbality's first day
beyond non-verbals
with and for and sometimes against
each other.


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Categories: destiny, earth, health, humanity,

Premium Member Braiding Dawn With Eve
In "Braiding Sweetgrass"
Robin Wall Kimmerer
favorably contrasts Skywoman's creation story 
with Eve's less abundant vocation.

In our shared Right hemisphere,
Skywoman "created a garden
for the wellbeing of all."

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Categories: allegory, creation, earth, gender,

Premium Member Catchers and Pitchers
Catch and store my energy,
said Yang-Sun to Earth-Yin.

Digest and absorb nutritional information,
said Earth
to Virgin Eve
to Fertile Adam.

Volcanize and subduct Earth's embryonic Commons
says Mother Earth
to ReGenerative...

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Categories: culture, earth day, health,

Premium Member Adam and Eve
It remains my tightly held Health and WellBeing intention,
for the good of me,
but for everyone, eventually,
to continue to Win now,
although I realize this requires further...

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Categories: caregiving, culture, earth, earth

Premium Member Dear Eve, and Adam
Dear Eve and not co-mentor Adam,
solo writer of The Clitoral Monologues,

Love your book.
Just one suggestion,
switch the title to
The Clitoral-Penile EcoPoliTickle Dialogues.

Feminist to feminist monoculturing monologues

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Categories: community, culture, family, health,