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Encouraging Political Verse Poems

These Encouraging Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Encouraging. These are the best examples of Political Verse Encouraging poems written by international poets.

Premium Member PolyPaths Toward WarmFelt Metaphor
A childhood memory warmly reminds

A game of Where's the Thimble,
hidden by a gang of siblings,
or just one strategic sister,
left for me to rightly find
as I...

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Categories: community, earth, health, integrity,

Premium Member Approaching Resonance
Aspiring for WinWin cooperative outcomes
is a prerequisite of non-verbal
non-competitive communication behaviors,
as non-violent communication climates
and humane cultured environments
are responsive
to verbally cooperative hope
committed to resilient good-faith communication.


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Categories: appreciation, community, conflict, encouraging,

Premium Member CoArising Comprehension
My LeftBrain is busy reading a book
on what Systems Theory
and thinking
and experience find encouraging
for WinWin social change,
where no losers are allowed to fail
at thriving away...

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, change, culture,

Premium Member Through Thick and Thin
I think it might be John Rawls
who writes about
thick and thin justice sandwiches.

Thick justice
may be more deeply embedded, richly spread
in regenerative pursuing time,
producing and serving...

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Categories: analogy, culture, health, integrity,

Premium Member Rather Different Similarities
What's the difference,
and where lie the solidarities, between

and transubstantiating experience,
Multisystemic co-acclimation
and multicultural creolization,
Herstoric history
and theologically matriarchal organic ecology,
Sacred democratic evolutionary revolution
and restoring EarthJustice,
Resilient peace
and everyday...

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Categories: community, culture, education, health,

Premium Member Give Trump a Chance
They follow Trump's tweets with disdain
Ridicule, lie and constantly blame
Marchers deny Trump as President
Arm-guarded stars arrogantly vent
To millions of 'racist' 'deplorable' citizens
Who did the unthinkable...

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Categories: encouraging, hope, political, proposal,

Premium Member Wise Elders
Wise Elders are patient,
fully embrace non-violent communication
and health care
of climates and landscapes,
and planet,
and dreams
rebuilding positive faith.

Wise Elders non-violently listen
for karmic grace of love
sometimes overflowing, diastatic.


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Categories: 5th grade, caregiving, class,

Premium Member Dearest Donald
Dear Donald,

I heard it said
it is your position
that reducing carbon emissions 
and other climate therapeutic investments
are not a healthy US priority.

I also heard
it is your...

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Categories: abuse, bullying, education, health,

Premium Member The THC Ordinance
I am fairly new to this Norwick community.
If I recall correctly
we have about forty thousand households here
where the Connecticut River
conjoins the Mohegan and Iroquois Rivers;

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Categories: community, earth, family, growth,

Table Of Contents
Alone in a room, 
alone within eminent doom.
I simmer so deep in saturation
that I forget that isolation happens in extended duration.
For the sake of direction,...

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Categories: absence, appreciation, best friend,

Think Free

It's when aristocracy begins to feel like a mid-uphill battle
It's when the armageddon features evil on both sides 
the good are speculating from the auditorium

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Categories: encouraging, , literature,