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Cool Political Verse Poems

These Cool Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Cool. These are the best examples of Political Verse Cool poems written by international poets.

The right atmosphere
I have made my list and checked it twice,
Now it is time to give my advice,
So get out your recording device.

All the good leaders I...

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, blessing, care,

Plant the seeds you wish to reap.
I have planted my seed in the soil of my people.
I have no home, no earthly land,
I have no...

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Categories: america, analogy, confusion, hate,

I, Republican
I am a republican, i speak with utter certainty
I believe in my own facts, the press is my enemy
I support global warfare, paying for them...

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Categories: class, earth, humor, political,

Premium Member Prophet BreakIn
The prophet spoke
until She broke

We are many uniting ecorealities
helping You unbecome
one universal ego-over generalization.

Yet, Universe is ZeroSum LeftBrain total
while united EcoLogians
rebirth Right WinWin
polypathic subclimate healers.


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Categories: anti bullying, appreciation, caregiving,

Common you are not cool
Common sit down you're not cool, quit being a fool.
The Democrat party don't give a care bout Black Lives Matter,  like you they support...

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Categories: abortion, hate, political,

Premium Member Wisdom to Survive
When will we gain the wisdom to survive
this disturbing 
adolescent denialism
of fascist climate-bullying tendencies
toward shrieking violence
at silent displaced victims,
creating rivers of homeless 
multi-degenerating non-thriving refugees?


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Categories: anxiety, caregiving, grandparents, health,

Premium Member On Resilient Health
I am reading my Resilience Systems Manual,
like an underfed developer
hoping to strike gold
while laying healthy habitat foundations.

Today I see Community Resilience mention
Tipping Points,
dipolar appositional,
when exceeded...

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Categories: environment, health, humor, integrity,

Premium Member Rivers of Degrading Memory
Once upon a time
I was merely prescient
in genes and blood
and air and water
and other ingestions
and digestions
of our ancestors.

Among these were Elders
who may have stopped along...

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Categories: age, earth, environment, family,

Premium Member Manic Depressive Climates
Depression is like dying
without hope this process will end well,
without remediation
at least not for my closely held ego-identity,
and despair 
this turning inward
creates a cocoon by...

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Categories: beauty, culture, depression, health,

Premium Member Strange Love
We are surrounded,
sometimes aversively beset,
by diverse warm and colder felt attributes of love.

We have each known and felt candidates for resonance,
waiting for our more...

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Categories: abuse, anger, earth, fear,

Premium Member It Takes A Village Idiot
The paper trail that led from there to here
could not be found although there was the...

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© Vee Bdosa  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: betrayal, death, judgement, political,

Premium Member Peppa Pig's Dilemma
Peppa Pig started a Secret Club revolution.

When Poppa Pig asked her what she was up to,
she violated her Secret rule
because she could have no politically...

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Categories: community, humor, love, political,

Premium Member Political Landslides of Love
If there were no compassion for Donald Trump,
then he would not be where he is right now.

So, what would it mean to bury U.S. Trumpism,

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Categories: culture, health, love, political,

Premium Member Resonating RightBrain Politics
Says Csikszentmihalyi,
"Social scientists
(Abraham Maslow, Lawrence Kohlberg, Jane Loevinger, [Ken Wilber, Edward Podvoll, Julian Jaynes, Jack Kornfield, Richard Dawkins, Clare Graves, Carl Jung] and James Fowler)

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Categories: beauty, environment, health, political,