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Change Political Verse Poems

These Change Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Change. These are the best examples of Political Verse Change poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Sensory Revolutions
It is a longterm scientific revolution:

THAT, despite visual perceptions
to the contrary,
Earth revolves around our light
and heat SunSource,

And not the other way,
Sun daily rounding Earth,
abounds all...

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Categories: earth, environment, green, health,

Premium Member Fragrance v Odor
My new forest and park neighbors,
mostly birds
and strangely curious 
and ravenous rabbits,

Have become accustomed to,
spoiled by,
fragrant green sanctuary
ancient fertile memories.

But, today
our neighborly horse farm
must be...

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Categories: culture, deep, earth, health,

Premium Member UnderStated Yet OverHeard
I'm not comfortable
talking about racial differences,

Or even racial
or sensual similarities.

I know what you mean
or maybe I do.
Something intimate and personal
about melanin
and hair qualities
and what lies...

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Categories: culture, health, humor, political,

Premium Member Holistic Therapies
Sacred EarthMother and Child,
bearer and born
to win together,
to not sin apart

No less true for elephants
and dolphins
and humans
and undemocratic sycophants
than owls
and solvent wolves.

Child rightbrain nonverbally born

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Categories: caregiving, earth, health, mother,

Premium Member Doors to Power Perception
Sogyal Rinpoche
tells a Doors to Perception story.

Positive and negative feeling individuals
bear witness to a river.

Those more goddess-like
see this river as great
beautifully resonant
musically harmonic
multiculturally rich,
a transporter...

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Categories: earth, health, pollution, power,

Pay Tv have we got it wrong
I may have had a change of heart,
My daughter has Netflix and I have piggybacked on it,
And I value the indirect savings of,
Avoiding the adds...

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Categories: allusion, analogy, appreciation, color,

Premium Member One Sourced Humane Resources
If we come from ZeroSource,
secularly known as OneSource Light,
and sacredly as DivineEnergy,
we still may not conclude
we are interchangeable ReSources.

Life forms interdependent
are not simply interchangeable,
like loose...

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Categories: community, culture, earth, health,

Premium Member DNA's Ecological Confession
I live each breath
each day
each month
each season
each year
each stage of lifespan
each life and death cycle
of passionate memory,
between eternal consciousness
and timeless change.

Breathing in non-zero sum
and exhaling...

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Categories: deep, health, humanity, integrity,

Premium Member Dissident Outcry
Dissenters dominate the streets,
	The public dominion of demonstrations.
This POTUS threatens military domination.

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Categories: america, anger, change, murder,

Premium Member America The Broken
“O beautiful for spacious skies”
yet marred by all it’s leaders lies.
See it’s “amber waves of grain”
beneath them hidden is a stain

I pause  “For purple...

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Categories: abuse, america, angst, beautiful,

Course Correction
Light the nation a new fire;
Awake the apathetic’s desire;
Like sheep to Shepherd’s crook;
We need a new course, old Book.

Our founders risked it all;
Starting with Lexington’s...

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Categories: leadership,

Premium Member Sharing is Caring
I heard someone say
To cure police
and military violence,
we need a NonTrumpian change of culture.

Sometimes revolutionary changes
include conserving feminist elements
of ancient healing cultures;

Intent to reward multicultural...

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Categories: anger, caregiving, health, integrity,

Premium Member Wounded Integrity
To totally trust Earth invites
no one perfectly correct health path

Suggests we will find no wealth path
totally corrupt.

To commit to our best way
for healthy now
in this...

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Categories: change, freedom, health, humanity,

Premium Member Vermin
Whoever said
Landlords have all the power
Knows that of which I speak:

Reading land leases.
Not a normal pastime,
but perhaps because
I have not read even one
written in compassion's...

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Categories: culture, humor, language, mental

Premium Member Killing Old People

The Government is dipping
into Social Security now.
That's the reason why
the New York Governor Cuomo
put virus victims in old folk's homes
instead of putting them...

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Categories: abortion, abuse, anger, baby,