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Car Political Verse Poems

These Car Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Car. These are the best examples of Political Verse Car poems written by international poets.

So you think Gangs are cool
So, you think gangs are cool,
Are you really that big a fool,
Did I not see you at a rally to make women your equal?
And did...

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Categories: abuse, addiction, anger, betrayal,

We're Responsible
We're Responsible

we'll never be held in a court for our contempt
we'll never face judgment for our sins
we'll never see the silver bars of misery

from our...

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Categories: corruption,

Premium Member Mixed Blessings
Those of us
who have had guilty pleasures
of owning valuable real property,
like a car
and rental property
and office equipment

Office buildings,
solar inverters,
and nuclear holocaust delivery systems
but not privately...

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Categories: earth day, health, humor,

Premium Member Black Life Shatters
My oldest son,
one of the few Earth-mattering
Black lives
I was made to protect
to guide
by eco-righteous WinWin acts 
and co-passioning words,

Felt, and therefore was, disempowered,
like helpless prey...

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Categories: black african american, bullying,

Premium Member The Neighbor's Wife
He's been struggling with depression,
She said, so then have I.

It's our bad news
that competing depressions
breed more contagiously
than our cooperative feeding happiness.

Yet our good news grows:

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Categories: anti bullying, caregiving, destiny,

Scenes from the coming revolution
A bend in the road
They wait & have time to wait
For the coming car & it´s occupants
Unaware of their fate
The same scene is about to...

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Categories: political,

I've got one left,

gettin' dogged' in the cleft,

wicked walked it to the bet,

poured out rage and left-

...hey yeah
on a step,

a bad measure of the best,


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Categories: baby, boy, car, cheer

Brendan and Bobby

Brendan joined the Provos in the spring of seventy eight
The local pub was bombed and killed his brother and his mate
Bobby joined the...

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Categories: political, war,

Premium Member No One Heals Alone
All is quiet
as I exit through the Emergency Entrance
at the local hospital.

I notice a black T-shirt
with a pink ribbon logo
announcing in bold green script
"No one...

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Categories: anger, earth, fear, health,

Premium Member Cold turkey budget
We are at a post war crisis 
where housing people has no longer huge value 
under this budget scheme electric goes up 
this is after...

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Categories: anger, caregiving, conflict, corruption,

Premium Member Rivers of Degrading Memory
Once upon a time
I was merely prescient
in genes and blood
and air and water
and other ingestions
and digestions
of our ancestors.

Among these were Elders
who may have stopped along...

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Categories: age, earth, environment, family,

Premium Member Alternative Facts with Feelings
I guess it never was
The way I thought it was
I say this only just because
You never came to love
I guess it wasn't so
Guess that's how...

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Categories: culture, earth day, happiness,

Least Popular
Hey, Mr. Least Popular!
Self-proclaimed man of the people you are
Rode on a grassroots movement to the White House,
but who was the man who drove the...

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Categories: humorous, parody, perspective, political,