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Africa Political Verse Poems

These Africa Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Africa. These are the best examples of Political Verse Africa poems written by international poets.

Written by Michael Nichol Kamara
Title #'Salonfos'
My names are Maada Samura Wilson Bio
I was born in a small country in the sub Sahara Africa
I have been...

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Categories: celebration, dedication, writing,

Premium Member Force Source
Like lack of preventive health care,
far more love is lost
through passive neglect
than active abuse.

And so it is
perhaps a negative corollary
we, most of us,
have failed to...

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Categories: community, destiny, green, health,

The African Claim
Our souls are troubled
They grieve in pain
In their own land,
They live in fear.

I am not proud to be Afri.can,
I am not proud to be who...

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Categories: africa, black african american,

Read Journal True Bull His Him Within Lusaka, Zambia part two
plus Doctor Kaunda also says family names
in tandem should not determine,
who to associate with, any more than nap
pulled lying flat hair, but rather character of...

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Categories: abuse, anger, appreciation, city,

The eyes are wet, the boss is curry,
Today is tis, tomorrow is tat
O' pay in tis, I buy in tat

The eyes are wet, the boss...

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Categories: africa, betrayal, corruption, culture,

The value of her name is fading,
Oh mother Ghana, mother of beauty and richness.
Every sector in her government is creating hopelessness.
A place attained from the...

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Categories: africa, angst,

This day I live
This heart bleeds in grieve
The fact so hard believe
That what I must give
Is far more than I achieve
A leader God called you...

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Categories: 2nd grade, africa,

If not us, who

In a nation filled with political miscreants and tyrants,
Led by unworthy leaders,
All moving towards the path of the gutter,

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Categories: africa, corruption, humanity, leadership,

Let us go, hahaa!
Let us resist, hahaa!
Let them go, hahaa!
They must quilt, hahaa!

In the streets of Kisumu, uuwii!
In the corridors of the Capital,uuwii!
In Bungoma and...

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Categories: abuse, africa, color,

The Hired Shepherds
Gone are those times,  if ever such times were seen
When rustic shepherds shepherd their flock on nutritive green
Shepherds now lead their sheep to calamity...

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Categories: adventure, africa, anger, butterfly,

South Africa 24
the inauguration
of our new nation.
Blacks' dedication
against violation.
The Black collaboration
for our liberation
against exploitation,
like Israel's salvation.
A freedom's invitation
from oppression
to secure black population.
Our vetarans, our inspiration.
Freedom, the celebration

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Categories: freedom,

3 3 7 11
Walking with no money staring at the pavement 
this journey never mad sense 
I was hungry so many days 
I began to study the ways...

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Categories: africa, allusion, america, angel,

Premium Member Voting With Our Feet
It seemed to me,
when I was eight,
U.S. Christian disciples and teachers
had been given so much grace

And had fundamentally boiled it down
to settling for such small...

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Categories: community, destiny, earth, happiness,

Deep down from tranquility, 
Africa feels wretched in bed,
Pillow drifted from right position,
Leaders enjoy country weighted bread,
Demostration always plugged as petition,
Rather corruption gets expanding as...

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Categories: africa,

What do you clouds think
Going about your days
With gay abandon?
What songs do you sing
Swaying across the African skies
About the madness 
Going on down below?

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Categories: africa, political,

We torment our fellow sufferers
To please the sharer of the Rabbit
In the desperate hope
That our masquerading
Will warrant us a piece
Of the craved Meat!

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Categories: africa, political,

London has built another special hospital
made for all Nigerian Presidents and Nobles,
and future Aristocrats who will fight corruption;
Since we die not in this country anymore...

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Categories: absence, abuse, africa, anger,

Nigeria's Leaders
Nigeria's Leaders
Thee shall see them as Nigerians
In their minds grow the seed of corruption 
With their hands they planted that seed
In their hands watering cans...

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Categories: africa,

The Comedy House II: The Rats
Bewitched with irri-
tating glows,they ransacks the
purse and 'ijawo'; those rats!

Breaking news;
The Headline: "3 husky rats
ransacking the purse of the nation."
The news: As noted in the

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Categories: africa,

The house of South Africa
...They were the dedicated leaders who endured gigantic sufferings for this house
Their red waters flourished the freedom we are enjoying today 
They rested for good...

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Categories: people, poverty,