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War Personification Poems

These War Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about War. These are the best examples of Personification War poems written by international poets.

Premium Member PARIS LOVE
They looted, they pillaged, plundered and raped, 
Till you stood in the cold all alone,
In your beautiful city with love as a theme, 
They took...

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Categories: love, war,

The Power of Nature 2
The splashes of the flowing milk and honey
Are the intricate rhythms of nature
As night falls to usher the break of dawn,
Mr. Kingfisher goes fishing by...

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Categories: animal, appreciation, earth, environment,

Unrequited Car Rearing Paramours Of Yesteryear
Ford score and...Chevy
five years ago,
my Model A strapping
handsome big bro,
(who sped like one

speeding Triumph font lee, crow),
wing, & swooping Thunderbird, with
bold face observers whistling Geronimo

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Categories: adventure, age, analogy, creation,

July 22
I'm so lost and confused.
How am I supposed to win, if all I do is lose?
I've been praying more and it doesn't seem easier.
But the...

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Categories: anxiety, betrayal, conflict, confusion,

Whenever I spoke
All they did was provoke 
they took me as a joke
So I would often choke
Is it because I was broke?
they felt comfortable to...

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Categories: soulmate, spiritual, tiger, voice,

Our Courageous Kitten
She appeared in the middle of winter on our
porch.  She was the kitten we all fell in 
love with.   But her true...

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Categories: poetry,

Summer times; and winter season:
Lovely time and everything happening,
Blue skies and warm mornings,
Beautiful trees and green grasses
Frozen lakes and dim appearances:
Nothing but fogs and mirages


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Categories: age, blue, deep, image,

Premium Member A Stitch in Time
     Sewing machine, long idle, gathered dust
     In a house where a maiden's dreams were crushed

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Categories: dream, marriage,

Premium Member Lighthouse battles Poseidon
Our regiment has formed on the length of your coast, 
Each battalion is ready to go,
And the artillery is set to launch by tonight, 

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Categories: adventure, beautiful, hero, military,

Bloody poppies for a milky dove
I'm but a frail bird tasked to bring hope and spread peace.
How shall I fly high in the sky with such a brittle burden!
My heart...

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Categories: sorrow, war,


    I am the...

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Categories: world war i,

The Iron Bride
Perspiring smith 
stares with pride
at his newly wrought
iron bride
the device of death
his means for bread

Hung on the wall
in its scabbard
lined with gold 
glittering hazard
beauty its...

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Categories: allegory, philosophy, psychological, soldier,

Jim Crow's Demise

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Categories: abuse, america, black african

 The two invisible killers raised their knives,
To declare the mighty victor in their lives.
The first exclaimed people to their will,
And the other just made...

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Categories: emotions, happiness,

The Mother Of Hundred Billion

I am the mother of hundred billion,
Now dumb and ears shut,
Orphaned by my own children,
For whom I bequeathed myself,
I am the Goddess of creation,
The creator...

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Categories: earth,

Ridiculous Picture War
Photos bomb social media.
Terrorists destroy livelihoods. 
War rages from within.
Crashing rathe upon distant strangers; us...
Pictures reveal this through social networking.
A quite distant war becomes real—too...

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Categories: courage, freedom, imagination, life,

The Sword sorrowful
The sword  sat on Brigadier’s table,
thinking how she ate flesh of enemies
in the battle-field in bloody front-line

“I wish I could have change of diet

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Categories: military, satire, violence, war,

The Old Oak Tree
The Old Oak Tree

Standing tall with your roots 6 feet under 
You have survived and thrived for 8 decades
Your branches still growing all the while...

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Categories: birthday, blessing, grandfather, love,

She looked down
Dressed in snow-white gown
cloud looked down
the ragging battle field
Seeing blood flowing as river
she tied round her waste
the beautiful gown
and fled beyond the skies


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Categories: satire, war, wisdom,

Premium Member Tis Not Fair
Winter and spring had a tug of war
One wanted to stay 
while the other wanted it to go
Winter said,... today I will snow
Spring said,... no...

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Categories: humor, weather,