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Society Personification Poems

These Society Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Society. These are the best examples of Personification Society poems written by international poets.

He is disturbing when I use him
When I see the hoe at my doorsteps
I squeeze his morals in one word, "tyrant"
My feet he eats greedily...

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Categories: abuse, metaphor,

Down On Me
Crusty old oaks
wave brittle arms angrily
overhead, threatening
to drop dead
heavy limbs

Taller trees
having achieved
the highest heights
pine away, lonely
jealously pouring their
sharp needles

Towering above
terrifyingly insecure
in their position
they shakily
throw their...

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Categories: imagination, jealousy, nature, perspective,

Premium Member The Revered and the Forgotten
The Revered and the Forgotten

colorful young flamingo
hailed by the moniker Domingo
toast of garden parties
mingling with elite in tepid lakes
narcissistic moments 
enraptured by his own image

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Categories: bird, society,

A Letter About My Friend
To Whom it may concern:

I have known him since birth and beyond.  I also knew his parents who were very Godly people in a...

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Categories: friendship love, god, love,

Punishes without any crime committed!
He makes individuals abye the amiss of others.
He could be a lifetime durance to one's soul
The victim walk flaneur like dead...

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Categories: anger, depression,

Barnyard Justice
Well the stealthy sly fox
said to the 'lil red hen
If I ever make it back this way again
Won't take me too much trying 
Fer yer...

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Categories: animal, judgement, perspective, society,

I praise God that you are my owner, trainer, friend...
who lives out your faith and practices the Bible verse
"A righteous man regardeth the life of...

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Categories: appreciation, cheer up, dog,

Premium Member She gorges every day
Superfluous, abundant, saturated with fat, 
Filled to the max on each floor,
She gorges herself with all that we earn, 
Then, defiantly, still demands more,

More of...

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Categories: metaphor, people, society,

Not Apologising
I am not apologizing for my sexual orientation
For loving what I want and not what society has dictated to me 
I am not apologizing for...

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Categories: abuse, anger, discrimination, history,

Rupsa is the name of a river
O independent State, O civilized life
you give my Rupsa back. 
Her desire, her love ... let me touch once. 
I have seen the orphaned childhood

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Categories: bangla, first love, lost,

Ubuntuic Atmosphere

Deep in the heart of mankind
as a weapon
in a sense of a tool
to build
a collapsing society
to subdue independence
by interdependence
I am no longer "I"
but a "we"

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Categories: community, family, love, peace,

Premium Member THE STRANGER

Stranger: "Who are you?"

Poet: "I am a poet!"

S.:"Where do you get your ideas from?"

P.:"From the Muse of course."

S.: "Is Muse a friend of yours?"

P.: "I...

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Categories: muse, poetry, poets,

The Mother Of Hundred Billion

I am the mother of hundred billion,
Now dumb and ears shut,
Orphaned by my own children,
For whom I bequeathed myself,
I am the Goddess of creation,
The creator...

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Categories: earth,

Premium Member In The Corner
Here I stand in this godforsaken corner
under a forgotten, sun scorched land
beneath an expansive, desert sky.

I squint in the melting sun at high noon
my proud,...

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Categories: angst, humanity, identity,

Mr Remington goes to therapy- Session One
I’m always loud. I was never really good at whispering 

I have a love/hate relationship with people and animals

I suffer from bulimia and my vomit...

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Categories: death, society, violence,

A child I do not know his citizenship
travels nations rummaging, rampaging
he has no origin but  has relatives
but the child knows not how to share


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Categories: desire, irony, power,

Warning always knew he was different,
Had some very strange ideas,
Spent a lot of time devising plans,
Told people he could rule the world,
Got himself a job...

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Categories: poetry,


You go around here
Then twist yourself to the rear
And you two go around each other
And then right under
Then you in the black
Pull up that slack

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Categories: funny, humanity, humor, power,

The Fearing Unknowns
Today, my spirit is as a wild stallion
Free to rear up and paw, my fears
A mother bear protects her young, 
She shelters her cubs, from...

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Categories: senses, smile, society, prejudice,

Our plight
We're strong and many, beautiful and bright
We bring no harm by loving sunlight,
The others are nurtured, but we're labeled and slaughtered, 
They're given all they...

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Categories: appreciation, discrimination, flower, garden,