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Senses Personification Poems

These Senses Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Senses. These are the best examples of Personification Senses poems written by international poets.

it's been a rocky road
deliciously swirled 
in mouth
a delectable treat
quickly melting within the heat 

a bite teased, aimed to please
more than sex appealed
WHIPPED creamed...

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© TS Poetry  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: endurance, fun, youth,

How I Met My Aging Side
I never saw him coming nor did I feel his shadowy presence.             ...

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Categories: age, senses,

Premium Member Pop Music
Diamond star that glitters above,
Creates the lengthening shadow of...
Pop music.

Glimpsed in top hat/ clothed in mist,
The phantom turns illusionist...
Pop music.

He peers from modern works of...

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Categories: appreciation, happy, music, senses,

Premium Member Painting a woman
The half broken, half fallen rusted tin shed, 
Is the place where creation is made,
Where I pick up ideas with a small wooden brush, 

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Categories: art, creation, love, senses,

The Bloodhound

Proud of having in veins Anglo-Scottish blood,
hound is the suitable surname I have earned
for the tireless tracking instinct ingrained in me,
an exclusive pedigree of rare...

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Categories: dog, senses,


In the lush jungles of constant condensation,
A royal order of an ancient kingdom,
That had ruled from an unknown beginning ,
A caste system, whereby, a legacy...

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Categories: allegory, flower, imagery, nature,

Premium Member Antique Grandfather's Clock
You stand strong and majestically tall
Rich mahogany are colors of your frame
Your face is decorated with numbers in brass
Your heart is sometimes heavy with weights

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Categories: appreciation, senses,

Premium Member Senses and Sensibility
Eyes that really see; ears that really hear
   That's what Facebook should be, my dear

Not a mouth that's foul or a nose that...

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Categories: how i feel, senses,

Premium Member Little red runt
No? You don't have pity on me? You should!
   I'm sure you'd rather be a stick of wood
Food that doesn't smell so good,...

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Categories: abuse, assonance, senses,

Sumac Seduction

Her touch is toxicodendron 
Piercing eyes that easily penetrate
vulnerable senses overrun
Seduction is her pearl hip-handle gun

Don’t trigger her flowering attention,
or you’re sure to get a...

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Categories: allusion, flower, love hurts,

P H S - Waiting on the Moon
I suffer from P H S
A disease most debilitating
My friends and family me they shun
Their embarrassment never ending

Gather round come supper time
I'm left in the...

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Categories: change, discrimination,

Music of Love
Music of Love

On cloudless, starry, starry nights,
you sit on your moonlit patio,
under the cool canopy of Royal Poinciana trees
showing-off their flamboyant scarlet petals.
Cradling your beloved...

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Categories: beautiful, love, music, romantic,

Premium Member I Will Move You
Wind Personification #2

I will move you
As your hair flows
As your soul stirs
As you feel me touch your face,
You hear the leaves rustle
And the windmill turn

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Categories: senses, wind,

Morning Practice, after Silent Morn by Suzette Richards
In autumn ginko grove,
The ground littered with leaves of lemon
A stillness fills the frosty air.

Master stands ready,
His mind fixed inward; a collapsing bubble
Of worldly distraction...

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© Dean Wood  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dedication,

Premium Member My most intimate friend
Streams of purple flow on your skin, 
While waves of white stamp your smile,
And your top is a choppy ocean of love, 
An unmanageable free...

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Categories: beautiful, beauty, love, self,

Fresh Meat

Pardon my condor sensitivity,
	but can I be 
dead serious candid with you
Everybody look down on me,
and talk mean about me
But, in the future, they’re gonna...

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Categories: animal, death, humor, word

Undulating Seasons
Autumn moon moods taunt my soul
as satirical jazz rocks locked, untold
gory stories of defeat, retreating soulless
untold joys, imploding screams unblest.

As a season, I reason stages...

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© Sona Wilae  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: autumn, moon, november, october,

Marigolds cover,
Vibrant colours.
Spreading her beauty,
Lustrous yellow show,
Bursting into orange hue,
Flowering blooms,
Singing natures tune,
Subliminal messages,
Touching the heart,
Tranquillity for the soul!
Pleasing to the senses,
Happiness and forgiveness,
Passion for...

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Categories: poems,

It all started with a flower,
Life changing and captivating,
Staring in amazement,
My eyes fixed, 
Vacantly transported,
Into different realms,
Scented levels of ecstasy,
Floating on clouds of petals,
Overwhelming happiness,

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Categories: poetry,

Hot Sauce
You tantalize senses
Breaking down defenses

You sting to attention
Breaking all convention 

Caution this spice of life
She will not make a wife

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© Just James  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sexy,