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Satire Personification Poems

These Satire Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Satire. These are the best examples of Personification Satire poems written by international poets.

Proud mobile telephone
There was once a proud mobile telephone
She could hide when a shabby customer came
“Tell that one I have gone on trip”
Another one comes
“Inform your man...

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Categories: life, satire,

Good times
Good times, who are you?
I hear you are a hyena
sleeping during the day in peace
hunting at night with torches
but disappear at dawn
when beggars are waking...

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Categories: integrity, satire,

Hello Hurricane Katrina
Hello Hurricane Katrina. How are you these days?
The last time you visited us we shall never forget
Your generosity, kindness, humility, love, hard work
Which community cannot...

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Categories: natural disasters, satire,

Citizens in a wayward guest house
Madam pestilence
Mister insolence
Captain violence
Doctor indolence
Monsignor forgiveness

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Categories: evil, satire,

The Nature of Man
The ocean now looks the rain in the eye
Swelling with ego and pride
Humming and Hissing flows with the tide
Wrestling the ships and the boats
And laying...

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Categories: life, nature, political, satire,

The Portrait
The portrait hangs on the wall
Trying to convey a thousand tales
Unfortunate are we,unable
To decode its powerful will.

The portrait hangs on the wall
A mixture of splendid...

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Categories: perspective, philosophy, prejudice, satire,

Wedding ring in tail
Monkey wedded a baboon
in the Banana temple it was
squirrel was presiding clergy

Monkey sat and meditated;
“No, to a ring in my fingers
My toes are dirty and...

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Categories: myth, satire, wedding,

Midnight roll call
International relations clerk on duty enters
In her hand is a list of nations from Africa
One by one she shouts out their surnames

The assembly monitors gives...

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Categories: africa, leadership, satire,

The pavement is unkind
he eats my toe
bit by bit daily
as his dinner


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Categories: humanity, power, satire,

Grave loves his work so much
Inmates never escape
He is paid no salary
He is very hard working
Accepts all baggage

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Categories: satire, work,

The Dump Bull
He never talked a word
He never complained a time
He never stopped being fooled
Even when milkman milked him
His lips closed as a dull fool

Milk man brought...

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Categories: animal, satire,

Knee in Dilemma
knee knelt down to pray
“a man crying falls on me
a man praying falls on me
a man thankful falls on me
Lord, I pray for delivery
Almighty, come...

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Categories: satire, sin,

Laughing Dog
I met a dog with big mouth
it closed its eyes and laughed
it was because I had beard
when it turned around
its curved horn was gone
the big...

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Categories: power, pride, satire,

Death of Bridge
Thank you for your care
carrying people across
heavy trucks on my back
water licking my bottom
no repairs, no care, no fare
I carry your burdens daily
pedestrians with dirty...

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Categories: leadership, power, satire,

my face is covered
wet things give me cold
but nothing you pay me
one day I will eat up
bellies of your trousers
then know  wire is wire

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Categories: power, pride, satire,

While Asleep
Her shadow crept into bedroom
and kissed me passionately

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Categories: funny love, satire, woman,

Desire is  a greedy creature
with a belly that never fills up


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Categories: desire, satire,

A Good Laughter
A good laughter by a gentleman
among beautiful ladies within
may transform into passionate love
and given wings to fly into hearts


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Categories: relationship, satire, women,

Family Secrets
Family secrets creep their way out
through wall cracks and ventilators
and play sweet music in streets


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Categories: family, satire,

The Sword sorrowful
The sword  sat on Brigadier’s table,
thinking how she ate flesh of enemies
in the battle-field in bloody front-line

“I wish I could have change of diet

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Categories: military, satire, violence, war,