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Me Personification Poems

These Me Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Me. These are the best examples of Personification Me poems written by international poets.

'Could've Been

‘Could’ve Been

It could have been us
Celebrating 10th month’s anniversary;
Not that it’s a complaint,
But a reminder in a bragging tone.

It could have been us 
Laying on...

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Categories: love,

Dog-end of Summer
Memories dripping like ice-cream: 
days spent on endless nature walks;
laughter of children in the parks.
Dog-end of summer; stealthily 
protracting shadows deceive us.
Apologetically sun’s
rays wake me...

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Categories: personification, children, loss, memory, metaphor,

Sensing your nostalgic angst, 

I’m gripped with sentimental reminiscences

transcending melancholic predicaments
of yesterdays' bonding moments

yet beckoning past decades’ jubilation-mirth

in loving relationships wrought by the Lord---


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Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, emotions,

Premium Member Robins Revenge
Hopping for donuts
I landed in wet crumbs. 
I get chocolate frosting on my left shoe.

They throw me a bit of a roll,
Restaurant’s special item. 

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Categories: bird,

Premium Member Silence personified
I am nature,
soul of a mountain,
buried under a billion snowflakes.

I float like butterflies,
from petal to petal.
As cinereal clouds clear,
under a glistening sunrise,
I illuminate like a...

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Categories: analogy, metaphor, silence,

Premium Member Message In A Bottle
I'm a buoyant traveler of seas. 
My cocooned message is to whom it may concern 
A fisherman threw me in, and I'm lost; drifting aimlessly....

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Categories: inspiration, lost, sea, write,

Premium Member A Songbird Transcends to Heaven
My body feels tired and weak as I sit and perch in my tree
My feathers are wet and heavy, I think this is the end...

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Categories: bird, heaven,

A Miracle
When do mistakes happen? 
What makes a miracle real?
Who decides what value is worth? who thought of us? who painted the canvass of hills that...

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Categories: art, inspirational, meaningful, prayer,

I want
I want to step into his presence like a pair of slacks, be wrapped in his grace like a leather jacket, I desire to bathe...

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Categories: appreciation, art, blessing, spiritual,

The Pearl
Sea waters bathe the shore
time and again with the tide
bringing with it
demolished particles
what once were the walls
of a child's sandcastle
now awashed
across my ceiling and floor

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Categories: growth, life, metaphor, nature,

Premium Member You're on top in no time
I give you reason to breathe
   not a pretext to seethe

I give you what to point toward
   not an excuse to...

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Categories: hope, success,

I’m marvelous grace*, granting victory in every ministerial engagement
with satisfying replenishment 
along joy of salvation full of divine contentment
for spiritual empowerment…
I trust God, my source,...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, faith,

Premium Member Language of Summer
Summer speaks to me by waking me up early
Playing tunes of beautiful song bird melodies
Blowing cool breezes in early mornings
Creating chimes of rustling tree leaves


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Categories: giving, growth, happiness, summer,

Premium Member An Orange and Black Moment
An Orange and Black Moment

I see fluttering shadows on the birdbath;
I see you seeing me.

We study each other – you are mesmerized;
For the beauty that...

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Categories: nature,

Premium Member Lovely Flowers
Magenta, purple and white colored Sweet pea flowers
Have spread their charming blooms all over
Cuddling all the bushes and trees in the path
They have enriched the...

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Categories: appreciation, beauty, encouraging, flower,

Premium Member The Old Jalopy
The old jalopy feels unloved and unwanted.
Many years now she has languished
in this long-abandoned junkyard.
Unhinged, she is an utter wreck.

She had been kept for her...

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Categories: car,

Premium Member A Friend So Dear
Lurking just beneath the surface
   I bubble up when you most need me
You'd love to think I'm worthless
   Then you're glad...

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Categories: fear, friend, life,

Premium Member The Tongue
It slays without drawing a drop of blood
   In an instant, turns reputations to mud
Its eloquence sets the innocent free

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Categories: power, words,

Witness to every notable trip
highlighting life and death travelogue strip
I can recount incidents bringing heart-rip
surpassing accidents of fatal engine oil drip
yet expressing to God thankfulness*...

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Categories: adventure, appreciation, blessing, character,

Don't Expect Others to Make You Happy: Change Yourself
Do I make  spring  
or does spring make me?
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha... 
laughing within is forever spring.

Weeping Willow

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Categories: psychological,