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Lost Love Personification Poems

These Lost Love Personification poems are examples of poetry about Lost Love Personification. These are the best examples of Personification Lost Love poems written by international poets.

Relationships IX
Whatever it is we do in life, anything that involves human beings, must have a line drawn somewhere for the sake of peace, and safety....

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Categories: lonely, lost love, love,

A George Michael poem
I may never know you 
But you music excited my heart
I may never know you
But your music make legend
I never knew you
It's that time a...

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Categories: lost love,

The Jacket
It still hangs there,
		     there on the back of my door.

“Wa d’y lev ut thur?” I can hear you say 

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Categories: lost love, love, love

Premium Member She Sleeps
She peacfully sleeps..
Stillness exits..
Cannot even hear the sound of a pin drop..
In her sleepy slumber ..
She dreams of her lost love..
Their deepest bond..
Soulmates before..
Now and...

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Categories: dream, encouraging, lost love,

Premium Member Dancing
His life’s the shadow filling the space, 
Diffused away with a walk,
In shades of blue to red to green, 
Diffusing away to a thought,

And each...

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Categories: break up, dance, gothic,

Rupsa is the name of a river
O independent State, O civilized life
you give my Rupsa back. 
Her desire, her love ... let me touch once. 
I have seen the orphaned childhood

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Categories: bangla, first love, lost,

A Love Letter
It was a new dawn, a new day, a new beginning for me -
When dazzling sunlight hit the wavering pond like gold dust,
dissipating the mist...

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Categories: lost love,

My Heart
My heart jumped out of my chest
It skipped and ran towards you
It started beating faster
It started smiling more
Until my heart stopped running
My heart got melancholic

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Categories: break up, first love,

A Dog's Passing
At times I feel so confused and wonder what to do. Standing at the door, in or out, out or in, is the sky so...

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Categories: death of a friend,

Premium Member Voodoo
I pricked my finger 
on a thorn of Voodoo roses
felt the stab of crimson
and sweet burn of saffron
in a tequila sunrise
I smelled apples but tasted...

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Categories: imagery, lost love, love,

Three and thirty springs
Two and twenty springs
thick boughs and fragile twigs
hued in foilage's deep green
amidst the blossomed serene

pods burst,floated in wind,our seeds
and thousands and more leaves
drunk in life...

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Categories: lost love, nature, sad

the mourning
she lies naked in the ashes of a love affair 
burning her memories   
waiting for the numb  
or the madness 
she welcomes...

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Categories: break up, emotions, fantasy,

Clearly Spoken Tears
Her tears
Spoke clear words
That he couldn't even

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Categories: emotions, girl, heartbroken, lost

Do Do
Many things you don't do
You wonder if you should
Many things you do do
You'd undo if you could

Think of what you don't do
And would you, if...

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Categories: destiny, funny, funny love,

In The Still Of The Night

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Categories: first love, love hurts,

Sun and Moon
The Sun will bring the light
It makes your day so bright
"I'll be here, I'll be here" said he
The light would bring eternity.

The moon shines with...

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Categories: imagery, inspirational, lost love,

my Royaume
I've never thought that i would feel this way,
But it finally happened somehow someday;
And i drowned in the deep oceans that looked at me.
I got...

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Categories: angel, boyfriend, break up,

Buzzing Girlfriend
I wish I was young
What can I hear
Fricken life
What is happening 
Happy childhood
Morning flying
Crying over past memories
What do I do now
I can’t fly
I am sick

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Categories: lost love, love, love

No one to tell
Searing love does not fade 
It simply lies in wait in hollow partitions 
Prone to sudden gusts  
of breathlessness 
These come in waves 

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Categories: lost, lost love,

Don't explode yet
Let yourself bleed
Don't close your door yet
The pain can cure anyhow
The cure to your wound
Is the thing that broke you
Close your door only...

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Categories: lost love, sympathy,