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June Personification Poems

These June Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about June. These are the best examples of Personification June poems written by international poets.

September Bridge, A Letter To January
Dear Jan.                       ...

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Categories: autumn, friendship, september,

Revival fire makes spiritual summer cooking ablaze
...since souls are nourished with Scripture-blessings' bounty.
Tasty delicacies sizzle with love's impact against apathy’s coldness
…while brewing friendships turn to...

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Categories: bible, blessing, character, christian,

Premium Member Poetic Personification
Honey vapour scents travelled among seduced tepid zephyrs.
This was not a dream for I was within the realms of reality,
as fate's footsteps led my heart...

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Categories: personification, love, romance,


On my knees, 

mighty life I implored with all the force of my soul


to reveal to me its so many wondrous mysteries! 



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Categories: death, life, mystery,

Premium Member Bleeding shadow
His shadow is wounded, bruised to the core, 
Bleeding forever in shade,
Bleeding in black, wherever he walked, 
Bleeding away with a fade,

From all of the...

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Categories: endurance, surreal, symbolism,

Premium Member The Teaspoon's Lament
I sit here, used, and caked in grime,
And watch, as all the forks and knives
Dive in the sink for wash-up time -
How pampered are their...

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Categories: fun, funny, humor, humorous,

Good Morning, Sep tem ber

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Categories: art, autumn, seasons, song,

Premium Member Wind to be felt
I am strong, I am the wind
Moving the clouds
Moving the trees
Breaking branches as I please
Moving sailboats, bringing fun
Cooling down heat from the sun
I scatter seeds...

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Categories: wind,



I see you coming, old age
Approaching at an ever accelerating pace,
Your face so grim
Your expression so austere
Your look so menacing,
A frightening sight you...

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Categories: age, life, wisdom,


I am Alfonso II, Warally Chris,
The Son of Prince Theodore Rally,

I was born in nineteen eighty,
In Uvira Kidjaga. 
When I was eight years...

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Categories: how i feel, inspirational,

Premium Member In Evening Light
All this time I'm watching him
I wonder if he knows
In softest glow I warm his curls
at night when shadows cast upon the walls
grow longer
And in...

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Categories: feelings, light, night,

Premium Member May's Shy Kiss
Blades whisper
as I walk the grass
Impatiens blush
Wisteria hides
behind lavender
As dawn peeks
above roof tops
a timid breeze
touches my cheek
and May's shy kiss
my silent lips

1st Place
June Standard...

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Categories: morning, nature,

Premium Member PART 2 - Earthbound Angels Made of Stone - An Epic

Those evil thorns of bitterness
That couldn't bear to see
This child so loved and so adored
By their father
Captain Lee

Until one day in early May
When she went...

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Categories: abuse, angel, baby, black

Magic Beans

Summer returns, reigning in glory
tempting my beanstalk to climb
and tiny fairies to faithfully fly,
laughing out loud all the while.
With lush trees twirling in full skirts,

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Categories: dream, magic, summer,

. . . . . . . The genius of theory ~


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Categories: holiday, hope,

Premium Member My Lady

My lady is the wind’s soft sigh
Through fields of marigolds in June,
A beach night stroll beneath the moon,
A cloudless sky, a butterfly.
She waltzes to a...

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Categories: august, Lullaby,

A Snowflake In June
I thought I saw a snowflake in June
Perhaps, it was just silly daydream imaginations
Or were ongoing investigations really do

Upon further horizon inquiries
The sun ended interviews...

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Categories: angel, funny, imagination, snow,

Luna's Love...
Beautiful Luna in her palace on the Moon,
Staring down from the heights above;
The night was hot in the middle of June,
And that’s the night she...

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Categories: lovenight, love, night,

Premium Member A Futile Death
A Futile Death by Wilma Neels

Flying over the place that use to be my home
I’m glancing at the once blue green seascape 
Transformed to a...

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Categories: death, nature, sealost, prayer,

Songs and dances of June
roses, pink and heavenly yellow
sun splashed water, floating cloud boats
that drift through summer skies, blown
by jasmine breezes...
fields of waving grasses, and...

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Categories: nature, uplifting,