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January Personification Poems

These January Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about January. These are the best examples of Personification January poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Seek the Light

I only tell of sunny hours.
"You are quite strange," I hear you say.
“Why would you choose to use your powers
in this unrealistic way?”

I say, “Though...

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Categories: dark, light,


" Come all you awaiting for incarnation souls
this is your destiny speaking.

Come and pick a vessel of your choice to embark on
the unique experience...

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Categories: destiny, god, life,

Premium Member January is a Well-Learned Trickster
January is a fascinating gateway to cool hand crispy, 
Fooling us yearly. 
Appearing overnight, as we dream of warmer things.
Covers the earth with her glistening...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member The Little Owl and the Wolf
A snowy owl sat on her nest
   while tending to her brood;
her mate flew out upon a quest 
   to gather...

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Categories: friendship,

Premium Member YOUR OWN MUSIC

Oh, my heart

Throughout life
So many bards you have heard their 
Song of life to sing
Their melodies you have enjoyed 


The time has come your own...

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Categories: education, life, wisdom,

As feathered fowls* mentioned by the Scriptures
We are God’s wondrous creatures
Of marvelously unique features
Blessed to triumph along freedom-ventures.

Yearning that the Creator would uphold our plight

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Categories: appreciation, bird, blessing, environment,

Premium Member My Secret Life
          I have a dream often that I am a baby African forest elephant, 
I keep...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: animal, dream,

Premium Member The Revered and the Forgotten
The Revered and the Forgotten

colorful young flamingo
hailed by the moniker Domingo
toast of garden parties
mingling with elite in tepid lakes
narcissistic moments 
enraptured by his own image

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Categories: bird, society,

September Bridge, A Letter To January
Dear Jan.                       ...

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Categories: autumn, friendship, september,

Premium Member Another Word For Heaven
I was given to the D’Mangos as a wedding present; I was silver, sparkly, and pretty full of myself. I have survived two children, a...

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Categories: divorce, feelings, funny, humor,


Once upon a time,
a frustrated poet that had not written for a while,
turned towards the heavens and at the top of his voice cried:

" Why...

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Categories: muse, poetry, poets,


Like a pride of starving lions,

lust's uncontrollable appetites fell upon the

herd of tamed virtues 

devouring them to the last

leaving behind only the carcasses

of lofty ideals



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Categories: abuse, addiction, grief,


Suffering from his excessive beastly appetites in life,
a man in desperation, turned towards them and asked:

" Why you insatiable appetites don't ease your 
excruciating demands...

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Categories: abuse, addiction, pain,

Premium Member GARNET

O vibrant and rich January
Velvet sweet, warming  the icy vine;
Her crystalline - garnet evening, bright...
Red orioles, whose lilting chorus
The snowflakes, in tinsel greet: And...

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Categories: january,

Premium Member A short letter to a hot summer day
A short letter to this Hot Summer Day, 
I get it, you’re a furnace from the sky.
And you want to play chef, to bake and...

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Categories: funny, humorous, weather,



The vast ash-leaden clouds are in tears again...

The soggy tears like boxing fists - casting bruise 
and blues below. Unlike yesterday where they
mirror gentle...

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Categories: art, beauty, nature, rain,

September And My Sister Jan

Our youngest sister thinks that she’s ‘all that’ and a ‘bag of chips with dips to go’.
She’s very popular and thinks that she’s ‘made to...

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Categories: brother, family, humor, september,

Premium Member OWL SEE YOU
Please don’t ruffle my feathers
It is very rude when you stare
I have the most sensitive hearing
And I know you are lurking there

I mainly venture out...

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Categories: bird, nature, night,

Visions of a Snowy Owl
I live on the frozen tundra where cold winds blow
I'm never bothered by the amount of ice and snow
The thickness of my feathers are deep...

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© Lin Lane  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: bird, nature,

Premium Member - BEAUTIFULLY BOLD - 10

The purple angel facing the sun, so fair to look upon
has a tenacious grip on the moors; it roots secured.
With its head held high,...

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Categories: beautiful, flower, strength, symbolism,