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Hair Personification Poems

These Hair Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Hair. These are the best examples of Personification Hair poems written by international poets.

Proud mobile telephone
There was once a proud mobile telephone
She could hide when a shabby customer came
“Tell that one I have gone on trip”
Another one comes
“Inform your man...

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Categories: life, satire,

Premium Member Bushfire
At peace in the world, alone with her joey, 
A soft breeze ruffles her hair,
Amongst the green of life all around, 
In the freshest of...

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Categories: animal, confusion, death, fire,

Chicago Beef
Windy, didn't do it any justice
as I noticed tangles in your hair
hiding out by the bean

beams of light
bouncing off
but I could still see,
your hunger
down by...

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© TS Poetry  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: food,

Premium Member Painting a woman
The half broken, half fallen rusted tin shed, 
Is the place where creation is made,
Where I pick up ideas with a small wooden brush, 

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Categories: art, creation, love, senses,

The Anatomy of a Party
A party is a body covered in freckles
the shape of wine glasses, circles
marking tables without coasters – 

its arms are askew like rugs kicked upon...

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Categories: personification, celebration,

Premium Member The Old Jalopy
The old jalopy feels unloved and unwanted.
Many years now she has languished
in this long-abandoned junkyard.
Unhinged, she is an utter wreck.

She had been kept for her...

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Categories: car,

The hyena
Guess my reputation could be sweeter, but hey-
At least I'm not a skunk!
Rumour has it that we hyenas are backbiting scroungers-
 I like to call...

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Categories: animal,

Having soaked up 
all her memories
whilst dancing 
with the man she loved
So many nights remembered
as their souls soared up above
I complemented her red hair
rich emerald...

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Categories: granddaughter, green, love, memory,

If We
If we were a beach
then you would be the sand, diamond warmth,
and I the shingle underfoot.

If we were a pen
then I would be invisible ink,

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Categories: personification, analogy,

Parts of Us
The crease in the bedspread, the fold in our pillows,
the bends in the doormat’s bristles, the off-angle shoe by the stairs.

The lip stain around a...

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Categories: personification, analogy,

The Jacket
It still hangs there,
		     there on the back of my door.

“Wa d’y lev ut thur?” I can hear you say 

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Categories: lost love, love, love

Of my love for you
Of My Love For You
I remember the first time I'd heard your voice. You had just dropped off a another dude, seen the good bye...

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Categories: marriage,

Premium Member The Mirror Quietly Observes
No problem is a mystery to me, for it sounds fresh,
disrespectful, rude, what happened to you are welcome?
I do not care if it is a...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Once Upon A Time
     Once upon a time, I was created by an 18th century jeweler,
but I do not remember his name because of...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nostalgia,

Bear and Porcupine
I just ran into Miss Bear,
At the beauty parlor frosting her hair,
Says she's been there all day,
Trying to hide that pesky gray.

Said she has a...

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Categories: animal, romance,

Premium Member Anatomy Down
By a HAIR, the bullet misses
There's more than meets the EYE today
But the river's MOUTH is too wide, 
My NECK of the woods far away


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© PAT Adams  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: personification, animal,

Vanity is but the easiest prey
Consumed by what did you say

Don't you think I am pretty
Late night affirmation of the kitty

Seeking compliment in your own...

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Categories: i am, imagery, jealousy,

I know It can sometimes be a struggle 
 to survive in this jungle 
With all the obstacles one has to juggle 
But being happy...

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Categories: 2nd grade, 4th grade,

Premium Member FLEAS
These fleas...

Scratch, Scratch

Baby fleas,
About to hatch.

Big fleas,
I can scratch them with ease-
But little fleas
All I can do is...

Scratch, Scratch.

Fleas FLEAS,
Go away,
Running over my back,
All night...

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Categories: hair, water,

Premium Member I Will Move You
Wind Personification #2

I will move you
As your hair flows
As your soul stirs
As you feel me touch your face,
You hear the leaves rustle
And the windmill turn

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Categories: senses, wind,