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Green Personification Poems

These Green Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Green. These are the best examples of Personification Green poems written by international poets.

Hazel Happiness
Hazel Happiness, her eyes were;
Pools of brown, green, and blue;
So enticing and inviting and warm.

Hazel Happiness, her aura was;
Bright, caring, and promising;
So intelligent and powerful...

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Categories: repetition, romance,

Premium Member I Would be a Boomslang
If I had a choice, I would be a green boomslang.
Reposing in a warm African tree,
 surveying zebras and elephants.

My back would be plastered with...

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Categories: personification, 2nd grade, 3rd grade,


Dare to touch me without any rules. 
Dare to see the spectacular view on us
In the nearest past
Covered by shadows, covered by dust. 
How passionately...

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Categories: boyfriend, character, city, crush,

Dear Winter
For the longest time, I have been longing,
For your return, my dear are you lodging, 
Months and days I have been standing looking from afar...

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Categories: cry, miss you, seasons,

Premium Member Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree
A rainbow bark?
Here in the dark?
Oh, my yes,
You should see her dress!
Maroons and green,
Outed by the queen,
Orange and reds,
Shown as she sheds.
Rainbow Eucalyptus,

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Three Days of Heaven
I had never been in a house before but about a week ago I fell onto a straw hat, and rode her into the house....

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Categories: 4th grade, 5th grade,

Sumac Seduction

Her touch is toxicodendron 
Piercing eyes that easily penetrate
vulnerable senses overrun
Seduction is her pearl hip-handle gun

Don’t trigger her flowering attention,
or you’re sure to get a...

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Categories: allusion, flower, love hurts,

Premium Member Looking For A Place To Hide
A gentle midnight echo, resounds through the upper trees in the woods in a tinkling way.

It is barely heard among the reeds where I reside...

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Categories: animal, fear,

Premium Member Autumn's Dance
Sun-kissed autumn
colorful shimmering reflection
 closing season of woodland romance
hand in hand they dance
whirling and twirling
in a tango dance
pure levels of vibrating frequency
enchanted by naked beauty

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Categories: autumn,

Premium Member Our Lady Still
The light has faded from her eyes,
those eyes that used to flash with green
before the cancer I despise
crept underneath her skin. . . unseen.
It spread...

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Categories: cat,

Premium Member The Antilles Pinktoe Tarantula

I am the prettiest tarantula in the Caribbean Sea
My web is the most intricate of my kind, a cone in a tree.
When I get larger...

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Categories: animal,

On Rescuing An Injured Pigeon
sliding screen door screeches, pigeons scatter
thump of wing against breast, shockwave breeze
more frequent than in the past, shimmering necks
soundtrack squirrel zig-zags,...

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Categories: analogy, animal, pain,

Premium Member Architecture
Straight lines up, straight lines down, 
Straight lines from left into right,
Using blue and green and shades between red, 
Shadowing into the night,

Lifting our world...

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Categories: art, beauty, house, sexy,

Summer times; and winter season:
Lovely time and everything happening,
Blue skies and warm mornings,
Beautiful trees and green grasses
Frozen lakes and dim appearances:
Nothing but fogs and mirages


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Categories: age, blue, deep, image,

Red Cardinal
Red Cardinal Poem
By: Elicia Spike/Jenson
A bird comes a bird goes, that’s very free.
A bird who loves my green trees.
A beautiful bird.
Red and bright, with...

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Categories: bird,

By: Elicia Spike/Jenson

Beautiful blue sky.
Birds fly high.
Green green grass.
Flowers in many mass.
Flowers of many colors.
Animals in different orders.

Nature Provides.

Herbs, seed, fruit.
Vegetables in many groups.

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Categories: nature,

Premium Member A Feather In the Forest
A feather in the forest glowing
Brightly shining green yellow
A cottonwood applaudes the coming of the rains
Waving glimmering in rain rays
Reminding me to dance in...

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Categories: joy,

I Roll bowl, lawns I know, anti-pestcontrol -last piece to goblin girl trilogy
Breeders' Cannon Ball plays for days and decades even onto eras
Feeders on the bottom plus top down voodoo economics, no trickle
De-weeders? Why? Lawns are hype...

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Categories: absence, abuse, age, allah,

Premium Member and the world has changed
I am but a name engraved upon this cold mossy stone,
a hundred years have passed, a hundred years-

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: future,

Premium Member Dancing
His life’s the shadow filling the space, 
Diffused away with a walk,
In shades of blue to red to green, 
Diffusing away to a thought,

And each...

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Categories: break up, dance, gothic,