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Games Personification Poems

These Games Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Games. These are the best examples of Personification Games poems written by international poets.

What Love Makes


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Categories: devotion, friendship love,

Premium Member Game On
The game was on, the ball preparing itself;
Meditation would help it to handle the force
Of the bat when it smacked.

Ball loved to fly, fast and...

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Categories: baseball, fun, games, poems,

Red Cardinal
Red Cardinal Poem
By: Elicia Spike/Jenson
A bird comes a bird goes, that’s very free.
A bird who loves my green trees.
A beautiful bird.
Red and bright, with...

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Categories: bird,

Premium Member Dandelion Plucking Tool
I am a bright yellow blossom
I spread beauty across the lawn
But, adults consider me a weed
And children play games
Wanting to pop off my head!
I am...

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Categories: angst, flower, humorous,

Premium Member She Sneaks In
She sneaks into town
In the middle of the night;
Sets up before daybreak.
Her colors blind the town square.

Her barkers have games set up before the crowd...

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Categories: 3rd grade, 4th grade,

A Gentleman's Game

Can any here recall my name?
Intoned by plenty years ago,
today I'd say but for a game
they play, not many here may know!

But here I stand...

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Categories: personification, games, war,

The Multiverse Theory
“She began her journey in the search of truth,
Stumbled upon a thought that changed her in entirety,
Drunk at 4AM, driving at 125Km/h she saw a...

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Categories: absence, adventure, light, longing,

Premium Member Old Mr Oak
Old Mr. Oak

Old Mr. Oak had bumps on his sides.
In his tired arms, black birds did reside.
He had seen all kinds come and go,
watching the...

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Categories: age, tree,

Monday Morning
The sun is out,
On this nice spring morning.
Sometimes it's not.
It's like a game.
I like games.
I also like sleep.
I like to dream
About cheesecake and bubble baths.

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Categories: morning, summer,

A mystery it holds, 
deep within itself,
where emotions absolve,
and fit illusions to oneself.

an unending mansion,
with no rooms around,
where path never ends,
and silence is the only...

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Categories: absence, heartbreak, horror, loss,

The Banyan Tree

The Banyan Tree

I the Atlas carry a home 
My master strong for his
Children seven had built.
Shorts and skirts 
Thunder up my shoulders,
All hell let lose,

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Categories: children, father, feelings, games,

Tomorrow seems so far away
Today refuses to stay
Tomorrow feels gay
Today lingers in gray 
Tomorrow has all the games to play
Today keeps going astray
Tomorrow is an...

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Categories: hope, metaphor, time,

Premium Member The Wind
When it left the Arctic it was as a wild angry wind
that stormed its way across the ice bound Arctic ocean.
Blowing the snow clad icebergs...

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Categories: nature, wind,

Pure Imagination
I sat on the toy store shelf, feeling all bottled-up and unwanted.
The kids prefer to play with video games, these days,
rather than being outdoors with...

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Categories: childhood, fun, giggle, girl,

The Little Piece of Crumpled Silver Paper
John Weaver 2000 (Emily has cerebral palsy)

Her room is not the sort of room you’d quite expect to find
For a little girl whose love of...

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Categories: caregiving, daughter, inspirational, love,

Can't Happen Here
Some Storks and Froggies
Decided to play
One night by the light of the moon

But the tail of their game
Was much too profane
And besides 
It ended too...

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Categories: abuse, games, innocence, judgement,

Not Really
How it must hurt you so on days like this,
  Walking around with a frown clutching your fist.
Hearing the words that are meant to...

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Categories: confusion, dark, faith, fantasy,

Oversized sweaters
Perfect for this weather
Leaves falling from trees
Hair waving in the breeze
Cheering at football games
Bonfires with there dancing flames
Stepping on the frozen, cold, hard ground

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Categories: food, happiness, nature, seasons,

MS Dhoni
Here is our Indian Hero,MS Dhoni,
an ideal role model to many.
Whenever Dhoni...

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Categories: dedication, people, sports,

In the days of my solitary existence
Im the faceless king,Seated on my throne of doubt,king of my own conspiracies,clothed in 
the shadows of secrecy,playing games with my mind trying to trick...

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Categories: confusion, hopeme,