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Fun Personification Poems

These Fun Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Fun. These are the best examples of Personification Fun poems written by international poets.

Jealousy is not easily ignored and every human being with emotions has somehow come across it. It is the most toxic trait one can involve...

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Categories: fruit, fun, funny love,

it's been a rocky road
deliciously swirled 
in mouth
a delectable treat
quickly melting within the heat 

a bite teased, aimed to please
more than sex appealed
WHIPPED creamed...

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Categories: endurance, fun, youth,

Relationships ll
Cheating is simply an act of deception. In relationship terms, cheating is an act of being unfaithful to your partner which turns into an adulterous...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

I wandered lonely as a cloud* 
to places far and wide
I often thought it would be fun 
to rain down on a bride
Or maybe on...

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Categories: fun, rain, summer, sunshine,


Work Ethic and I are at a crowded Penn Station
standing in front of the Big Board, 
waiting for our track to flash.

A few move up...

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Categories: personification, travel,

A George Michael poem
I may never know you 
But you music excited my heart
I may never know you
But your music make legend
I never knew you
It's that time a...

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Categories: lost love,

Premium Member Luna Orchestrates Halloween
Luna’s October madness laughs at the gleefulness brought by Halloween
So orange children can put their thumb and index finger up and squeeze
Fresh orange juice of...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member If I was a Wood Tick
If I was a wood tick 
I would be ashamed of my station.
I would resolve to not jump down on any heads.
I would not bite...

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Categories: animal,

Premium Member But You Have Never Been a Scout
“But you have never been a scout, " she said.
“Yes,” I agreed, “but I know these woods, and I will do a terrific job.”

So she...

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Categories: 3rd grade, 4th grade,

Premium Member The Rooster
C’mon ladies,
it is me you love and you know it,
from the bottom of your golden feathers;
Now, now, cut the chitchat.

I am not rat,
I am a...

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Categories: animal, bird, farm, funny,

Premium Member The Rooster
I'm so cocksure of myself all day
strutt'n around the neighborhood block
Trying to pick up all the pretty chicks
Yelling cock-a-doodle-do from high on my rock
I can...

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Categories: animal, fun,

Ranting From a Chair
I am but a slave among lives hidden features
Who cares what I crave midst these two-legged creatures
I crave superb polish and fine furniture wax
Extremely strong...

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Categories: desire, fantasy, house, imagination,

Premium Member DOG
IS THAT THE LEAD? Is all that he says, 
And he says with a joyful surprise,
He thinks these words all by himself, 
And speaks with...

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Categories: dog, fun, happy, love,

Premium Member I am a Chameleon
I am an old porch
Leaning in on a bent back
Weathered and rotting

Aha! Something enticingly fun
comes into view
turning me into my butterfly self.

Orange and dotted, 

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Categories: 4th grade, 5th grade,

Premium Member If I Were an Igloo
If I were an igloos I would be different than the others, 
more flamboyant.
Painted in rainbow colors, 
I would play hip hop music, and I...

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Categories: 2nd grade, 3rd grade,

Premium Member Crusty McBakeface Tells It Like It Is
I held this thing together,
I stayed strong around your airiness,
How wrong is it to be the one
that keeps us from precarious
collapse? “You are my rock!”,...

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Categories: betrayal, fun, funny, humor,

Premium Member Here She Comes Again
Here she comes again,
That clip-happy, snippy crone who fancies herself a gardener.
She is doing such a horrible job of it.
She clipped two of us unmercifully...

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Categories: flower, fun, funny, garden,

The Power Of Nature 1
There’re somethings never to be understood
Such powers never to be controlled
The ultimate powers on earth
Under the seas
And above the skies.

Invisible and intangible powers
Higher than the...

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Categories: appreciation, children, earth, fun,

Premium Member Personification Is My Favorite Poem to Write
Personification is my favorite poem to write.
I can fly to my nest and feed my eaglets, 
or I can scare humans to death with my...

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Categories: personification, introspection, poems, poetess, poetry,

Premium Member Oh, Spring

Oh, Spring, you are dipping your toes into winter’s melting waters,
And with outstretched arms you joyously smile;
You are breathing the perfume of budding gardens,
And you...

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Categories: appreciation, joy, seasons,