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Fantasy Personification Poems

These Fantasy Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Fantasy. These are the best examples of Personification Fantasy poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Set Me On High
Put me on the cold, hard flat stove top
Fill me with water, and turn the boil button on
Throw in potatoes, carrots, or eggs.
Set the timer...

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Categories: fantasy,


Where I come from
It’s dark and quiet
Eleven months of the year
Then one fine day
Everything changes
All of a sudden
It’s bright and snowing
And I come to life

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Categories: celebration, christmas, december, family,

Premium Member The Rooster
I am up in the morning sunrise,
Perch aloft a fence post,
Protecting the hen coop. 

All around the peaceful farm, 
The animals and humans are sleeping

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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: animal, fantasy, farm,

Ranting From a Chair
I am but a slave among lives hidden features
Who cares what I crave midst these two-legged creatures
I crave superb polish and fine furniture wax
Extremely strong...

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Categories: desire, fantasy, house, imagination,

Premium Member A beautiful fairy
She’s a small little fairy all by herself, 
She desires to be all alone,
Loving the silent words in her mind, 
She’s the whole complete gang...

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Categories: fairy, fantasy, love, magic,

Premium Member I'm A Sundial
I only tell of sunny hours...
         for I can’t penetrate the dark.

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Categories: 10th grade, fantasy, hyperbole,

Premium Member Science Lesson From a Mayfly
Damselflies are dainty, they are wisest of the wise.
Dragonflies a bit dumpy, much bigger than you and I.
I am a three-tailed Mayfly, so I am...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member It Watches
A black stormy sky as night fell;
Brought a wonder to my head
And I turned off the TV; 
not hearing the full weather report.
You see, while...

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Categories: fantasy, imagery, imagination, poems,

From within
When I write my mind and heart connect 
That’s the beautiful effect 
Of all the emotions I collect 
The two  intercept 
And create a...

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Categories: dedication, deep, destiny, devotion,

Premium Member Being Followed
Walking down the street one dark night; I passed some road working equipment.  Down the road a bit, I felt I was being followed....

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Categories: fantasy, halloween, horror, imagination,

Road end
For all this to come out 
I had to pull up my socks and tighten my belt 
You use to make my heart melt
That’s honestly...

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Categories: color, confidence, cute, deep,

Keep on going
It’s no Fantasy 
With a hardworking tendency 
You will leave a legacy 
You are one of a kind 
Only as far as you reach will...

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Categories: black love, boyfriend, bridal

You baby
Stop being insecure
I love you and I’m sure
Together obstacles we will endure
Our love is honestly pure
You are my emotional cure
I keep falling deeper the more...

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Categories: 11th grade, 12th grade,

Coffee with Sasquatch
An old friend stopped by this misty morn,
Filled his cup with warming Joe,
It’s good to be in his company,
He is the finest of my friends...

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Categories: animal, fantasy,

Premium Member The Monster and Me
My cold and starving family
Wait now in our well hidden post
Fearing the worst for me I know
While I pursue what we need most

Breathing heavy I...

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© PAT Adams  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: adventure, conflict, fantasy,

Now is the time of youth in poetry
I saw you in your poetry ... 
A bunch of orchid baths
in solitary forests
In your writing ... 
The odd scent of water drops 
in the...

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Categories: beauty, earth, emotions, fantasy,

My Beauty
Last evening  there was a fierce  storm
Everything  experienced  some harm

with the direction of the wind I bent
But some resisted  ,sorry...

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Categories: allegory, allusion, art, fairy,

A pencil
A pencil is something very common perhaps
Bet everyone has one that moves itself
It begins to spin a tale freely
Wanting to live a life as bright

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Categories: art, creation, fantasy,

Centurion of Stone
Proudly he stands,
the centurion of stone,
alone in his battleground
where winds drape their
coolness against his
sun-baked smile unbreaking
as he defies the forces
opposing his decades of being,
dauntless in...

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Categories: fantasy,

The Moon
A white smudged dot on the misty sky peering onto the place where they live
the big and small ones with four legs, two legs, and...

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Categories: art, creation, fantasy, inspiration,