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Culture Personification Poems

These Culture Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Culture. These are the best examples of Personification Culture poems written by international poets.


What's a necktie 
dangling for?

     Too stiff, too thin 
     to be scarf, a bib 

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Categories: age, analogy, anxiety, culture,

Looking at the mirror 
with good day’s pleasure
I see slothfulness’ glamour 
taunting with delight’s leisure
Yet ready to attack sense of honor
defying time-worth’s treasure
So defiant; not...

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Categories: christian, dedication, faith, god,

Dont wait until its to late
I can’t believe you are gone 
6 feet deep in a rectangular zone
surrounded by a wooden box
covered with soil & solid concrete stone
I remember you...

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Categories: anxiety, black love, blessing,

The room is filled with an aroma
They are love letters
Their sweetness tastes like honey
Their anger is like a lion roaring

They are game changers
They are trend...

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Categories: africa, black love, courage,

I was born for it
I was raised for it
I was taught for it
I had fought for it
I truly deserve it
I worthy of it
Its got my...

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Categories: africa, art, creation, culture,

Who you are is who you are
            Who you are is who you are!

Who you are is who you are...

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Categories: 12th grade, abortion, atheist,

Dark hope
You are in control 
Will you lead,  follow or go over protocol 
The life we live 
One must always strive 
Finding your ambition and...

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Categories: color, confidence, cool, courage,

You Are What You Eat
Okay, in many cases people use this term or expression to distinguish a likeliness to becoming what you eat… The truth, really, is that you...

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Categories: care, creation, culture, devotion,

Do first
For reliance 
form a strong alliance
Chin up find your confidence 
And always work in silence 
those that talk before it’s done all fell 
but in...

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Categories: cool, corruption, creation, crush,

She was a tigress but not cruel
Her long uniform stripes to some distasteful
She chose to display it grandly
For to such a life she was grateful.

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Categories: animal, class, courage, love

I am a young black man with confidence 
Every obstacle I conquer adds more to my intelligence 
Open minded and always willing to learn
I have...

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Categories: child, color, confidence, cool,

Premium Member I'm Bubbly and Delicious
I bubble and I gurgle,
I’m tangy and I’m tasty.
Unless you stop drinking me,
Because if you do that, you really won’t be able to stand my...

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Categories: 10th grade, 12th grade,

Dear Child
Dear Child
"Why do you have to endure worries of an adult?"
Dear Child
"Why does it seems you struggle to survive in this world full of hardship...

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Categories: america, angst, child, child

Premium Member Can't escape my shadow
                      No matter how...

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Categories: angst, culture, discrimination, hurt,

Society's unbreakable cycle
Society’s unbreakable cycle -Vongai Mupetesi
Ravening wolves in sheep’s clothing
Do not deceived! Their smiles are cunning.
Innocent seeming forms, yet truly malicious
Bruise the most, and to the...

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Categories: bullying, community, corruption,

Sobbing of Mother
Sobbing of Mother

Who would be more knower definition of love?
When mother’s son sleeps untimely on the pool of blood
Timid when fires bullet triggering gun
Nozzle remains...

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Categories: anxiety, deep, devotion, heartbroken,

I am the country ,
the country of variations,
the country of god 
and his beautiful creations .

I am the mother ,
the mother of billions of lads...

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Categories: culture,

If I Were A Phoenix
I am the deacon,
When I should be preacher.
I'm not the beacon,
When I should be leader.
I need believers,
To rise again.
I need to breathe,
New life again....

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Categories: culture, life, poems, poetry,

A Diffrence in skin


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Categories: culture, encouraging, race, prejudice,

my Royaume
I've never thought that i would feel this way,
But it finally happened somehow someday;
And i drowned in the deep oceans that looked at me.
I got...

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Categories: angel, boyfriend, break up,