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Corruption Personification Poems

These Corruption Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Corruption. These are the best examples of Personification Corruption poems written by international poets.

Once upon a time
Once upon a time there were Five key words,
We all knew by heart,
What, where, when, why and how,
And they all came out of our mouths...

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Categories: addiction, betrayal, cancer, children,

Premium Member What kind of town is this
Chicago's roots nourished Deep
   Calumny, Crime, Corruption
Oh, that a mutant twig or leaf appear
   That's not eviscerated as Disruption...

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Categories: city, crush, fate,

Dusted by love
Miles went the season of love,
When trees shed leaves to bless the grounds
And the birds chirped to hail the dawns
Happy was the cry of folks.


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Categories: confidence, conflict, corruption, creation,

Do first
For reliance 
form a strong alliance
Chin up find your confidence 
And always work in silence 
those that talk before it’s done all fell 
but in...

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Categories: cool, corruption, creation, crush,

The Door
Black sorrow sadness, like frostbitten carnations 
Bolts of lightning tears apart all our nations
Greed and hatred leads the way
The peaceful white dove burned all grey


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Categories: anger, corruption, evil, hate,

The Three Islands Sleep
The Three Islands Sleep!

Sleep, sleep, the islands asleep!
Sleep while the winds blow on her face,
On her trees, and on her mountains and hills,
Sleep when the...

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Categories: change, community, corruption, environment,

There's a Bible on a table in the corner
Looking forlorn and in great despair.
A neglected lonely Bible,
Full of dust and showing a lack of wear.

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Categories: bible, christian, evil, god,

Oh I can't listen,please repeat-You called it integral
Don't wait for darkest storm,let it spread the light now,
Don't let it boil in the steam of hatred,let it be cool and spread its fragrance...

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Categories: beauty, conflict, corruption, emotions,

A time has come
We have reached a period
The time and period
Where lightness has became darkness
We find it difficult to get light in Education
The sky has...

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Categories: anger,

Hungry Mosquito
I see them eating, laughing
If only they could hurry here.
I too want to eat; pierce flesh
and drink the warm blood
Surely I’ll wait patiently
for them by...

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Categories: corruption, satire,

Scratchy darkness wraps our souls
Leaving us with empty goals
Sorrow sadness without controls
Road of our lives filled with potholes

Boils in our hearts about to erupt 

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Categories: corruption, hate, heartbreak, prejudice,

Humanities enemy
Can you hear me reproduce
Good luck finding out the truth 

I know you cannot see me
You'll never know where I'll be 

You feed me well,...

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Categories: body, cancer, corruption, health,

Anger burns me to my core,
Blistering every happy part of me left.
The only thing I know of now is hatred, anger, and
Revenge. It claws at...

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Categories: anger, conflict, confusion, corruption,

Society's unbreakable cycle
Society’s unbreakable cycle -Vongai Mupetesi
Ravening wolves in sheep’s clothing
Do not deceived! Their smiles are cunning.
Innocent seeming forms, yet truly malicious
Bruise the most, and to the...

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Categories: bullying, community, corruption,

Ana pt 1
I met the greatest love of my life when I was the innocent age of sixteen.  She entered it the way mist creeps along...

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Categories: body, corruption, depression, metaphor,

If you live very long
in this crazy old world
you are bound to do
several things you wish
you hadn't done or
didn't do and a few things
that was...

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Categories: age, corruption, forgiveness, health,

Kashmir-The woman
Kashmir is the innocent beauty of nature
It lifted me above all mire dark and dense.

Kashmir is the divine smile
It gifted me a peace beyond all...

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Categories: feelings, love, pain, philosophy,

the path
 time to be inside of this, hopeful recollection.
staying still, within the moment inside my thoughts collection.
I am my heart and not the thought, I...

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Categories: analogy, blessing, change, corruption,

Premium Member WAR
War is suffocating.
You see them run through a line of fire.

You wonder will they survive and then, you see others die before your eyes.

You stand...

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Categories: beauty, conflict, confusion, corruption,

Four corners.
Stands, four players. 
Quarrels of foul cries, collided.
Facing each nemesis into quadrants, divided. 

Individuals motivated by objectives.
Devising plans, careful detectives. 
Goal to achieve the...

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Categories: allegory, analogy, conflict, corruption,