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Cheer Up Personification Poems

These Cheer Up Personification poems are examples of poetry about Cheer Up Personification. These are the best examples of Personification Cheer Up poems written by international poets.

U...are the greatest gift from God

Got To...understand it is you that will always make a positive difference

Love...will embrace your soul unconditionally 

Yourself...and others like you,...

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Categories: anti bullying, beautiful, beauty,


They tried to break me but all I did was bend 
The same people that call themselves my friend 
Are the ones who want me...

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Categories: butterfly, care, change, character,

I only tell of sunny hours…
With my radiant optimistic perspective
Instructing humankind to cheer up
As our Creator wakes every one 
To enjoy life to the fullest.


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Categories: appreciation, cheer up, christian,

Premium Member I Only Tell Of Sunny Hours
I only tell of sunny hours…
It is the way to dwell on them,
Thus acquiring more light and love.

I only see the best of you….
Choosing the...

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Categories: cheer up,

This is my first time to spend Christmas
With your gracious family whom I belong…
Festive spirit I feel as expressed by every lad and lass
Especially that...

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Categories: animal, appreciation, cheer up,

Speaking of time
I no longer have a working relationship with time,
We are having a break from each other,
I hope we can avoid a permanent split,
And the way...

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Categories: age, autumn, baptism, blue,

Premium Member ME GLOW WORM
              ME GLOW WORM     

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Categories: appreciation, how i feel,

I praise God that you are my owner, trainer, friend...
who lives out your faith and practices the Bible verse
"A righteous man regardeth the life of...

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Categories: appreciation, cheer up, dog,

Good Friend

Born and raised by a woman of great integrity 
This humble beginnings formed his identity 
With the willingness to work hard and remain focus
Adding this...

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Categories: art, beauty, brother, care,

If My Tongue were a Bird
If my tongue were a bird it would be white and pure.
It would sail to the end of the heavens bringing joy to those near.

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Categories: bird, cheer up, gospel,

Why can't we live free
I’m a tiger you can see,
With colour yellow like a honey bee,
And you’re happy as you’re free,
So why can’t we too live free?

You keep us...

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Categories: animal, beautiful, butterfly, care,

Corner Lamp
Buzzing loudly,
Is that coming from me?
Dust and filth in my shade,
Slightly cracked, was this how I was made?
My light yellowed and dim,
The chances of me...

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Categories: appreciation, cheer up, fun,

If Leaves Could Talk, Part 2

Our purpose in spring, summer, and fall,                  ...

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Categories: autumn, cheer up, color,

California Rain
California Rain
By Curtis Johnson

Hello Sunshine:

Everyone, including everyone, knows that you have been one faithful friend
You have graced our land with your Vitamin D, and granted...

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Categories: beautiful, blessing, celebration, cheer

My Life, My Rules
 You walk at night,
No fear, no worry.
Darkness shows your might,
It's first glance I've to hurry.

You drink and smoke and chill and freak!
To my interests...

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Categories: cheer up, courage, rights,

Remembering The Poor


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Categories: appreciation, cheer up, pride,

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??????? ??? ????? ????? ??????? 
????? ????? ???? ??? ??? 
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? ??? ??????? 

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Poems - part 4

Passed way the years...
I was little child, 
Then, young, 
Now...i am old...
I was a small blade of grass
Growing up on a meadow

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Categories: philosophytime,